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Shop Update and Promotion (20%) : Fashion Revolution

Dear Wulins, 

St Patrick's Day is finally over and we don't need to wear green clothes anymore. So it's time to enjoy our aboslutely new fashion accessories and clothes!

We will start our Fashion update with the fabulous Moon Chanting Dress! 


NEW Clothes: Moon Chanting Dress



Item Name: Moon Chanting Dress

Item Type: Scenery Record 

Price: 180 

Time Duration: Permanent

But that's only the beginning!

Did you know that a cold wave was hitting us this week? We got you prepared!
What is better than a comfy cloak to protect you from the cold wind while looking like the highstanding lord or lady you are?
As the item list is incredibly long (14 New items) we will just give you an insight of the items from the scenery window:


You like these fancy cloaks? 
I prefer the following! 
Disclaimer: no animal were harmed to create these digital fur cloaks! 


If you like the shiny peacock feathers, you may want to check the last cloaks below:

For all the cloaks:


Item Name: CLOAKS

Item Type: Scenery Record 

Price: 500  

Time Duration: Permanent

Why are you still reading?
ohhhh, are you curious about the 20% promotion?
Good news, for the whole week :

-20% on all the skillsets!

You can buy these items in our in-game shop! 
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If you want to know more about how topping up Wcoin or the conversion to Gold works,
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Best wishes,

Your Age of Wulin Team

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