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Valentine's Events

Dear Xias, 

A cold winter can't stop the warmest love in the Jianghu. And what a better day than St Valentine to offer a Rose to your beloved?
The two next weeks will be active for all the Xias ready for a bit of gardening! 


Valentine Roses Exchange

14th - 28th February

Nothing says "I love you" like a homegrown flower. Discover your inner gardener and prove to your loved one that you're more than a fighter with good looks. Trade the flowers and give your love a sweet kiss (or perhaps a slap?). 

Event details: 

All worthy Xias are welcome to see the Flower Lady who will offer you one Rose Seed in exchange for 100 Jackdaw Herbs. Plant the seeds and grow the flowers; like a real gardener you will need some tools: a hoe, weedkiller and pesticide (all available from the Farmer NPC)Once your flowers are fully grown, the Flower Lady will accept them graciously and offer you various items and actions in return to surprise your loved one with.

Strength Requirement: Outstanding

Locations of the Flower Lady: Yanjing (873,30), Suzhou (762,583), Jinling (1668,310), Louyang (1287,781), Chengdu (543,824) 


Action rewards

Exchange Reward


Good Friends


Hug thigh

Pat on the head



Kiss brow


Deep kiss



Note: Using any of these interactions will consume 1 Pink Rose 


Item rewards




Snow Lotus x2

Dihuang Pill x 1

All basic attributes increased by 20 for 20 minutes. 

Caterpillar Fungus x2

Qingxin Medicinal Liquor x 1 

Increases your HP and maximum internal power for 1 hour



Few events will follow on the forum! Be ready to participate for fancy rewards!

Lots of exciting events are coming your way! Talk about them on the forum.


Best wishes,

Your Age of Wulin Team

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