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Chapter 9 : Special Skills, New Features and Content

Hello Young Xias,

The chapter 9 will soon be here. We already spoke about the new skill sets for Ancient Tomb Sect and Blood Sabre Clan, you even had a glimpse of the new areas.
We still have many things to speak about. What? The daily and weekly quests! The Sub-faction skill sets! The new interface for the scenery records! The Dual Lightness skills and the Blood Coffin!

Many of these topics will only be followed in the patch-note so we will speak only about the big and important lines here:


Special skills and Features

Ancient Tomb Sect

Dual Flying Skills – Light Cloud Step


Did you learn all available flying skills and are you craving for more? Well, if you’re a member of the Ancient Tomb Sect, your wait is over! Lift your team mate in the air with the Dual Lightness Skill - Light Cloud Step.



  1. You must be a disciple of the Ancient Tomb Sect. If you choose to leave the Ancient Tomb Sect, you will lose this skill.
  2. The selected teammate within 3 meters and that is not in a special state (such as having a stall open, kidnapper, etc.) can be benefit from the skill

How to:

  1. The obvious part first: Learn Dual Flying Skills before using it or only the Solo Lightness Skill will be used.
  2. Select the target (your team mate) and activate the Lightness Skill.
  3. Lift the target and enter Light Cloud Step. Light Cloud Step will end if the Lightness Skill is not used within 3 seconds.

Cost: 15 Lightness Skill Points
Cooldown: 5 seconds 

Skill Effects:

Light Cloud Step: Lift your team mate and enter Light Cloud Step.

Treading on Air: Fly up with your teammate using Energy.

Whirlwind Stepping: Twirl up into the sky with your teammate using all your available Energy.

Jump Across the Cloud: Charge and fly into the air like two swallows skimming in the sky.



Blood Sabre Clan

Sabre Coffins


The Blood Sabre Clan is known for the use of their coffins, coffins they use to carry the blood of their foes.
These coffins can be upgraded over the time and via the daily quests.


With new factions come new missions … and these can be repeated daily or weekly.


Ancient Tomb Sect - Daily Quests and Weekly Quests 



  •  Establish Close Ties in the Ancient Tomb Sect

No disciple of the Ancient Tomb Sect should be alone. Have you found a trusted friend? Take him to the Elder and pass a test together. You will become companions, cultivate your skills as a pair and earn rewards.

  •  Hunt Birds in the Ancient Tomb Sect

The Ancient Tomb Sect is famous for the flying skills of their disciples. Practice your flying skills by catching birds in mid-air and ear rewards, such as Reputation Points and Jade Bee Tokens.

  •  Paired Cultivation

Find your friend, accept the task from the Elder together and go cultivate in the Tree House, where you will face different challenges. Your rewards will consist of Reputation Points, Jade Bee Tokens and Jade Bee Pills.

  •  Sleep on the Rope

Practice your balance by sleeping on the rope to obtain Reputation Points, Jade Bee Tokens and Wind Spirit Pills.

  •   Sleep on the Cold Jade Bed

The Cold Jade Bed is made out of a very rare kind of jade, emanating cold energy. You skills will improve significantly after taking a nap on this bed and you can gain additional rewards such as: Reputation points, Jade Bee Tokens and Red Daze.

  • Treasure Hunt in the Tomb

Join forces with your Wudang brothers and sisters to find the hidden treasures in the Ancient Tomb. Register at the NPC [name] 15 minutes before the start of the event but be quick: there is a limited number of places available for this treasure hunt.


Rewards: Reputation points, Jade Bee Tokens, Jade Badge


  • Great Condor Challenge

Yang Guo is famed through-out the Jianghu for his knowledge of birds. His Great Condor offers each week a challenge to the disciples of the Ancient Tomb Sect and will serve the winner for a whole week as his loyal pet.

How does it work: The Ancient Tomb Sect disciple with the highest score gets to spar with the Condor.

Rewards: Reputation points, Jade Bee Token, Icy Jade Badge and the Wind Spirit Flute to summon the Condor




Blood Blade Clan - Daily and Weekly Quests


  • Cave of Lost Souls

The Disciples must enter the Cave of Lost Souls, avoid the traps and master the test in order to gain rewards, such as: Blood Blade Tokens, Punishment Tokens, Repentance Letter, Blade Coffin Exchange Items.

  •  Sharpen Blade

The feared Blood Blade is crafted from a blood-coloured iron ore, only found in the Blood River Valley. Although it’s a very powerful weapon, it is frail and easily broken. All Blood Blade Clan disciples must collect high amounts of ore and sharpen the blade at the grindstone daily. The path to the grindstone is fraught with peril, a fitting challenge to hone a true Blood Blade Disciple’s skills. The rewards you can obtain are Reputation points and Jade Bee Tokens.

  •  Yang’s Awakening

Do you think you have what it takes to be a disciple of the Blood Blade Clan? Yang Yi might prove you wrong! His dedication to developing high level martial arts has led to him having his arm amputated. Still, he is a fearsome opponent as he demonstrates his skills before the Blood Blade Clan disciples twice daily.


How does it work: A global in-game announcement will remind you every day at 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. that the hall summons Blood Blade Clan disciples for practice. Disciples have one hour within the notice to report to Zhang Yin. Each player may participate only once every week!

Rewards: Reputation, Blood Blade Token, Killing Will, and Punishment Token


  •  Capture the Flag

Ever since Chi You founded the Blood Blade Clan, it has been divided into two rivalling parties: the Blood Camp and the Blade Camp. Each week, they battle each other to capture the flag of their clan, and win the favour of the founding elder.

How does it work: The fight will take place every Saturday at 8 p.m. server time. 

  • Blade Challenge

A true Blood Blade Clan disciple is always ready for battle. To perfect their skills, the disciples regularly battle monsters.


How it works: Nine waves of minions and one wave of Bosses will spawn every two minutes; you can choose between two modes (normal or hard).

Rewards: Reputation, Blood Blade Token Repentance Letter and more


Here is a little picture of the new interface for the scenery records!


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