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Server Upgrade on December 1st - Extended Maintenance Info!

Dear Wulins,


We would like to provide you with notice of an extended maintenance on Tuesday, December 1st.

The reason for this is an upgrade to our server hardware in Frankfurt. We will be doubling the available RAM, optimising our hardware for future Age of Wulin expansions.


At this moment, the time of the maintenance is not yet confirmed. We will attempt to begin the maintenance as early as possible in the night, in order to minimise the inconvenience of the long downtime. Right now, we’re looking at a 7 hour maintenance to finish upgrading the server, and to make sure it’s running stable.


We will update you with more detailed information over the next few days.


We hope that this message helps you prepare for this (and maybe look forward to the next expansions, too!).

Speaking of expansions, here’s a little teaser for you: We will reveal our first Spotlights for Chapter 8 – Uncharted World at the beginning of December!


Best Regards,
Your Age of Wulin Team

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