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Chapter 5 Spotlight: Ladder to Heavens Tournament


The Mount Hua Competition, the Dragon & Tiger Tournament, the Inter-Sect Tournament. Three prestigious martial arts competitions in the Jianghu, soon to be accompanied by another - the

Ladder to Heavens

The Ladder to Heavens tournament is a new monthly competition coming to Age of Wulin this April. Chapter 5's flagship feature, this month-long tournament presents opportunities for Xias of all levels to obtain exclusive skill sets, Sect skill books, cultivation pills and more!


Entering the Ladder to Heavens

To bring up the Ladder to Heavens interface, hover over My Battle in the bottom-left of your screen, then click on "Ladder to Heavens Challenge Arena" in the menu that pops up. A new interface will come up, showing information for all 4 tournaments of the Jianghu. Click on Standard Battle to view the Ladder to Heavens information.

In this interface, you can view your current score, the amount of matches you have taken part in today and more. You also get a nice rundown of the tournament's proceedings in the bottom-right corner.

If you click on "Set Selection", another window will pop up that allows you to select the three skill sets that you will use in your Ladder to Heavens matches. You cannot use anything outside of your chosen three, and you cannot mix & match skills, so choose wisely!

Once you feel ready, you can choose your tier (limited by the amount of points you currently have), and hit Enter Room to start queueing for your match!


Competing in the Ladder to Heavens

Minimum Strength: Peak of Perfection

Maximum Number of Participants: Unlimited

Each player may participate in 5 matches per day (or 10 if you're a Jianghu VIP), every day for the full month. Each match is best of 3, with 5 minute timers on each duel. Post-fight stats will be displayed once the match is over, and you will be sent back to where you were before entering.

As your score rises, the tiers that you can challenge will raise, and so will the calibur of opponent you face. This means that even lower level players have a chance to prove their skill by competing and gaining points in the lower tiers, once the endgame players have filtered through to the high level tiers.

The competition runs for one month, starting on the first day of the month and ending on the last. At the end, the winners are decided based on their score, shown in the rankings menu in-game.

Prizes & Rewards

The top 10 ranked players at the end of the month will receive reward boxes based on their rank.

  • First Place - Ladder to Heavens First Place Reward Box
    • "Last One Standing" title
    • Gudu Seeking Defeat Identity Suit
    • Black Feather Condor, 30 day flying mount
  • Second-Tenth Place - Ladder to Heavens Second-Tenth Place Reward Box
    • "Ten Divine Elites" title
    • Ten Divine Elites Identity Suit

Those who participated in battles and gained Contest Points can exchange them for various items at the Ladder to Heavens Challenge Arena Exchange Clerk in Suzhou (411, 745), including:

  • Golden Snake Sword skills
  • Ladder to Heavens Contest Box
  • Qingyun Palm Technique
  • Quicksand
  • Jing Hong Blade

If you're lucky enough to obtain the Ladder to Heavens Drumming King Order, you can exchange it for a Ghost Shadow Sword Technique Fragmented Script, which can be exchanged for Ghost Shadow Sword Technique books at the same NPC.

Are you prepared to strive to achieve new heights in the Ladder to Heavens tournament? Are you as excited as we are about what may be the best tournament yet to come in Age of Wulin? Tell us all about it on the forum!

Your Age of Wulin Team

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