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Open Beta is live! Login and play Age of Wulin!

Greetings Wulins!

Today marks a monumental day in Wulin history - Open Beta has begun! This means there will be no further character wipes, and you can enjoy the game to its fullest. Your quest to become a true martial arts legend within the Jianghu world begins now!

Age of Wulin Open Beta Trailer - Play Now!

Register your free gPotato Account
Note that the Age of Wulin login only works with your gPotato Account ID, not your email address.

Download the game here: Age of Wulin Download
If you already downloaded the Client during Closed Beta, there’s no need to redownload it. Just start Age of Wulin the same way you used to during CBT. Once you see the launcher, make sure you click on “Servers” to decide whether you want to play on White Lotus (English), Jadetiger (German), or EmpireCéleste (French).

Closed Beta Rewards

For everyone that registered a key during Closed Beta, the exclusive Ancestor title and permanent vanity costume will be available for your character shortly after Open Beta. As the title and costume is only available for the first character you create on the account after Open Beta, make sure you do not delete your character.

Communicate with players - Official Forums

Newcomers - Visit our Newbie Guide!

To join us in celebrating, please see a special message from Shi Hai, CEO of Snail Games.

Login today and become the leader of an entire martial arts school, acquire a guild castle and defend it against attackers, or participate in epic PvP raids with up to 1,300 players!

There are myriad of activities within the Jianghu world, so regardless of your main focus, Age of Wulin offers something for everyone. See you in the game!

Your Age of Wulin Team

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