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Information about Open Beta

Dear Wulins,


The time has come! Age of Wulin is going into Open Beta tomorrow, Wednesday 17th, for everyone who redeemed a beta key during our Closed Beta. If you participated in our Closed Beta and didn’t get to redeem a key, you will only be able to play on the following day, Thursday 18th, along with everyone else.


Here are 5 steps to get you ready for the Open Beta head start:


Register your free gPotato Account
If you are joining us on Thursday and didn't do this yet, make sure you create a free gPotato account. Note that the Age of Wulin login only works with your gPotato Account ID, not your email address.


Download the game here: Age of Wulin Download
If you already downloaded the Client during Closed Beta, there’s no need to redownload it. Just start Age of Wulin the same way you used to during CBT. Once you see the launcher, make sure you click on “Servers” to decide whether you want to play on White Lotus (English), Jadetiger (German) or Empire Céleste (French).


Pick your character name
Finding a name isn’t always easy. Why not pick a randomly generated chinese name?


Choose your school
If you haven’t made a choice yet, visit our forums and ask for advice! There are 8 schools to pick from, with different play styles and alignments. [Visit our schools forum] or check [our overview here].


Play the game on Wednesday or Thursday!
Head start for players who have redeemed a beta key begins this Wednesday, 17th at 11 AM GMT+1. The official Open Beta date is Thursday, 18th, 11 AM GMT+1.

*For the opening times mentioned above, there may be a temporary delay due to technical reasons. Thank you for your patience and understanding.




Race to the Top: Congratulations to the winners of the Race to the Top event! Feast your eyes on the hall of champions! The 30 Gold from the event will be given out once everyone has access to our gPotato to Gold conversion. Depending on how the delivery process goes, it may take at least several days for the winners to receive the event gold. Remember, it does not matter if your character’s name is different in Open Beta, but you must be use the same account as the character that won the event.

*Please note that duplicate names have been removed. If you have been #1 of rank A and #5 of rank B we have randomly removed you from either rank A or B, so that your name only appears once in the overall rankings. 


Closed Beta Rewards: For everyone that registered a key during Closed Beta, the exclusive Ancestor title and permanent vanity costume will be available for your character shortly after Open Beta. As the title and costume is only available for the first character you create on the account after Open Beta, make sure you do not delete your character.


Click Here: Discuss this announcement on our forums


See you in-game soon!
Your Age of Wulin Team

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