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Interview with the Age of Wulin Producer!

Dear Wulins,


We would like to take this opportunity to respond to some of the frequently asked questions we receive from you, the community, and provide you with answers directly from the Producer of Age of Wulin, Alexis Guariguata!



Age of Wulin requires many players for a stable economy. You decided to launch with 3 servers - are you confident that there are enough players?

Launching with 3 servers (2 designated for the French and German communities) is not a cause for concern when it comes to a stable in-game economy. We were delighted with the high volume of pre-registrations for CBT and indeed, all of the polls and feedback from the community suggested that many people held off on playing CBT because they did not want their character to get wiped. This explains why we did not have the maximum number of players engaged in CBT, however, we are expecting an explosive amount of active Wulins for OBT. In addition, the stress test, held a couple weeks ago, was beneficial in ensuring that our servers are ready for a high influx of players for OBT.



Will I be able to play the game in language A on server B?

As we previously mentioned in our announcement about the end of CBT, we encourage you to play on the designated French and German servers. Once we receive localised clients, you will be able to play Age of Wulin in your desired language - depending on the server you previously selected to play on.

Switching between languages but staying on the same server is currently not supported, but we’ll look into it. No promises, though!



What’s different about this version of the game?

When we first got our hands on this project, we had conversations with the developers about their vision of what Age of Wulin truly means to them. The game is an authentic representation of Chinese culture and it became clear to us that its localisation would be extremely challenging.


We are working together with a translation agency who are translating the game into English directly from its Chinese source. Indeed, the localisation process has been informed by our wish to not cut material from any of the translations - we felt it important to retain the authentic feel of the game that Snail Games have been striving for.

Furthermore, Age of Wulin is a sandbox MMO which provides many activities bound to server times. European players will find it much more convenient, in terms of server times and latency, to play on servers which are optimised to be played on from Europe.


We’re also offering great support in 6 different languages.




Can we expect UI and tutorial improvements?

Absolutely! Whilst I will continue to work together with the developers to further improve the user interface of Age of Wulin, your Community Managers will continue building helpful guidelines outside of the game.


We will also give you the opportunity to contribute, together with the CMs, to the creation of guides about in-depth game mechanics for our Age of Wulin Wikipedia page and Game Guide. We’re even planning an event, so stay tuned for more information.



What’s happening to our bug reports? Can we expect improvements for OBT?

Your posts in our beta forum are regularly checked by our QA team. The process of dealing with your feedback in terms of bugs, involves reading and understanding the issue, prioritising and categorising the bug, reproducing it and compiling enough information for the developers to work on a solution.


Localisation issues are handled by our translation agency, while game bugs are resolved by Snail Games, the developers of Age of Wulin.

Although we are unable to influence the time it takes to fix a bug, we can ensure regular communication between you, the community, and Snail Games, in order to shed light on concerns coming from the European community.



Why did you decide to IP block Asian countries?

Due to both legal and technical limitations, we are reserving access for (European) Western players only at the moment. This is to ensure that we are able to provide the best gaming experience possible.



Since Age of Wulin is a sandbox game, will there be an opportunity to build your own house in the future?

That’s a great idea! However, housing is a system that requires a great deal of planning for it to be done right. I have seen many games fail to create an engaging housing system, so if we decide to adopt it in Age of Wulin, we will have to make sure that the feature adds real value to the game.


These kinds of suggestions are very welcome by the way, so keep them coming!

That's all for today. Next week, Alexis will answer a couple of more questions in Part 2 of the interview:

  • What items are you planning to put into the Shop? Will there be EXP/Cultivation Boosts available?
  • Will Age of Wulin have countermeasures against Bots, Gold Sellers, etc.?
  • Can you give us insight into game update cycles? When can we expect content patches?
  • Will you adapt the server time of our German and French server to UTC+01:00?
  • When do we get German/French translations? 
  • Why did you take so long to release the game, considering it’s in English only?
  • Is Age of Wulin going to be present at gamescom 2013, or other conventions?
  • Will you also sell a 600 Euro ferret in the shop?


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Your Age of Wulin Team 

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