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Moderator recruitment now open!



Dear community,


Most of our gPotato games have moderators who help us a great deal with forum and community requests through their consistent investment.


Age of Wulin will adopt the same idea, but with a difference! We wanted something new and different; something that inspires confidence and keeps you ahead of the game. We wanted a project that would advance your abilities and in which your help, work and investment would be recognized by our Community Managers.


What used to be a moderator?

The moderator used to police the forum, a role which was often disregarded by other players. Because of their duty of enforcing rules and guidelines, other members of the community naturally saw this policing role as too strict or unfair and as a result we have decided to try to change the situation by creating a totally new project. (Based on a volunteer position.)


Age of Wulin Community Managers feel that community moderation is about far more than only removing the bad stuff; it’s also about creating a healthy environment where players feel good about contributing and even arguing.


What the community needs is a “Shifu”, not a policeman.


What is a “Shifu”? What is his or her role?


Help & Participate

  • Participate in community discussions on a day to day basis.
  • Be knowledgeable about Age of Wulin and its features.
  • Help players by replying to their questions.
  • Become an “intermediary” between players and CMs.



  • Moderate with the help of the forum feature and reported post section.


Assist the Community Manager

  • Assist in Community based events wherever possible and reasonable.
  • Give feedback about Age of Wulin on behalf of the community (player mood, item prices, guilds, allies, events, new player projects, issues, bugs... etc...).
  • Help in the testing of new features and report bugs and other issues.
  • Build community projects in collaboration with the Community Manager.


You should be proficient in written English.

You must have never been banned from a gPotato forum and/or game before.

You must be at least 18 years old.


Before applying please read this FAQ about the Shifu position. If you have any question please let us know on this forum post.


Have you ever wanted to have first-hand experience of the video game industry as a volunteer?

Do you want to contribute to making the game you love successful?


Then what are you waiting for? Follow this link and apply to become an Age of Wulin Shifu!



Your Age of Wulin Team

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