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Important Information about Closed Beta

Important Information about Closed Beta

Here are a few facts about our Closed Beta starting on Monday, 17th of June.



Closed Beta Duration

Closed Beta Testing will begin on Monday and will be of short term. The exact date will be communicated next week.


CBT - Your Benefits!

We are looking into technical possibilities of granting all testers a free VIP status during Closed Beta. We'll keep you updated on this during the coming week.

You will also have access to a private beta forum to report potential issues and ask questions.


Character wipe / deletion

Characters created during this Closed Beta period will be deleted before Open Beta starts. As not everyone will have CBT access resetting the database ensures a fair start for everybody.


NDA- non-disclosure agreement

We have decided that it is wrong to force Closed Beta participants to not talk about the game: we want you to tell your friends, show off your character on live-streams, review Age of Wulin and share your experiences in the game. In fact, we will fully support you whether you should decide to live-stream the game, write reviews, or simply go to school or work and tell your friend Peter about how you rushed into an epic battle in the Twilight Village Instance, discovering a “Wild Geese in Flight” skill book that let you demonstrate your Qinggong abilities!


There will be no non-disclosure agreement (NDA), you are free to talk about your experience in Age of Wulin during Closed Beta once it arrives.


More keys on their way!

We’ve sent out another batch of CBT Keys today. Check your Mails!


Do not forget that the early character creation is already opened! (We will close it Saturday 15th, late evening.)




Have a nice weekend and see you in-game on Monday!

Your Age of Wulin Team

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