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Create your Age of Wulin character today!

As part of our preparations approaching our Closed Beta on Monday, June 17th we would like to invite everyone with access to the CBT to create their character today!

We are enabling access to our launcher and login server, allowing you to reserve your in-game name and finalise the character you would like to use during your coming Age of Wulin adventures in Closed Beta!

  • Characters can be created today, starting from 3pm (GMT+1)
  • Characters created during CBT will be wiped (deleted) once we enter into Open Beta
  • In order to create a character, you will need CBT access
  • We plan to release more details about the Closed Beta in the coming days, so stay tuned!


We created a forum topic to cover your experience with the character creation process.

Take screenshots and show us your creation! Are you going to play a serious character, the face of a true assassin, or go with something... more exotic, like one of our work colleagues?


Show us your creation in this forum topic!


Your Age of Wulin Team

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