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Hello, dear community!

As some of you have read already, Gala Net, Inc. and its subsidiaries Gala Networks Europe and Gala-net Brazil have been acquired by Webzen, Inc., one of the leading companies in the MMO market.

These are exciting times for us. First, we are rearranging our current staff to expand and improve services across the board, and deliver a more awesome gaming experience, both for EU and US players. The current European teams will remains here and will not be replaced.
But more importantly, we’re thrilled because Webzen has a portfolio of great games that we may get to play with you in the future!

Ok, that does sound cool. But what about the current games?
Hey, we love those games, and the communities that made them what they are. There are no plans to slow down, scale back, or shut down any of them.

Wait, does this affect my gPotato account/game?
No, it doesn’t. You can keep using the same account, and enjoy the games the same way.

But what about my gPotato balance? What about my cash shop items?
Your balance will be unaffected by this change. You can continue to spend your gPotato as usual, and any cash shop items you’ve previously purchased will remain on your characters.

Ok, what if I have an issue. How can I contact you?
Same as before, you can use the current support system:
If we ever do update the support system with a new way to contact the team, we’ll be sure to inform you first!

We understand that this might not cover all of your questions, but hopefully it has addressed your most pressing concerns. In the coming weeks, we should be able to give you some more details, so stay tuned!


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