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Community Announcement - October 2012

23rd October 2012


As many of you know, we recently sent out nearly 10,000 free beta keys to everyone who participated in the Play Allods Online Event! Now, many of you are wondering when the first Beta phase will begin.


For over 2 years we have put tremendous amounts of effort into preparing Age of Wulin for launch in Europe. It is the biggest project Gala Networks Europe has ever worked on!


Other than the pure size of the translation required, there is one other thing which affects this huge project: Authenticity! We are committed to bringing you Age of Wulin exactly as Snail Games in China intended. That means creating a living encyclopedia of the Wulin universe, known as the Jianghu. This requires a complete commitment to quality from our side: removing content or even cutting it down is not a question for us as it would disrupt the unique setting and atmosphere which was so painstaking created by the developers!



Recently we received an updated version of the game for translation which came with 30% additional content. The new content, aimed at new players, has been specifically created by Snail Game in response to feedback from the Chinese community to help ease players more gently into the game. This has been achieved by improving early quests, providing better information, and creating new tutorials so players can better understand the vast array of options and the level of detail available in the game which previously could be daunting and hard to understand at first. This has meant that an additional 1 million Chinese characters need to be translated. Keeping our commitment to quality in mind, this means it will take some additional time.


Many of you have been waiting for Age of Wulin for a long time; we can and do appreciate that very much as we have also been putting lots of effort into Age of Wulin for an even longer time. We need only see the reactions of our localisation team - who are responsible for ensuring the quality of the translations we receive from our translation agency - and the enthusiasm and pride they feel working on such high-quality material, to know we are on the right track!


We don’t want to change our ways now, because we believe you will appreciate the results of those years of dedication and effort. Unfortunately this does mean that, at the moment, we believe that the beginning of 2013 is a more reasonable date for the release of Age of Wulin in Europe. Many of you might be disappointed now but be assured: our approach “it’s done when it’s done” will knock your socks off. When we see and play the game on our test server with even an outdated test version we feel that this game is the game many of you are waiting for. Bear with us; we want to release this game as well. We want to see players across Europe enjoying the excellent and unique gameplay Age of Wulin has to offer! But we cannot force its completion. As mentioned above we are confident that we can provide you with a playable version in the beginning of 2013, in case there is any option for us to make it accessible earlier: we will do so.



In addition to that, we are pleased to inform you that all potential beta phases for our customers will be available for free, meaning you will never have to pay for beta access or to play upon release; which is very important to us. Additionally, everyone who Signs Up to the Beta will receive a key at some point during the beta phases, although keys at the very beginning will be limited.


We will continue providing you, the dedicated community, with free beta keys for guaranteed entry into the Beta on day one through various channels so make sure to keep your eyes open for news, events, and media coverage!


In the near future we will provide you with more details about the Wulin universe and explore the unique features of Age of Wulin together with you, such as guilds, PVP features, professions, random encounters, and camera systems through our Homepage, Blog, Facebook, and more! Do not miss out and join us to stay informed all the way!


We hope that you appreciate our approach and decision, stay with us and we can assure you, you won’t regret it!



Kojizhu - Age of Wulin Community Manager & The Age of Wulin Team.


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