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Secure Age of Wulin Beta Keys by Playing Allods Online!

Hello Age of Wulin Community!

As you may already know, the Age of Wulin CBT is getting close now. is glad to be able to offer you a new event allowing you to secure keys for you and your friends to ensure you can participate from the very start!

Simply play Allods Online between the 10th of September and the 1st of October 2012 and you can secure up to 5 keys so you and your friends can participate in the Age of Wulin Beta as soon as it opens.


Here is how it works:


Log in* at least once daily for 7 days and receive 1 beta key

Log in* at least once daily for 14 days and receive 2 beta keys

Log in* at least once daily for 21 days and receive 3 beta keys

Level a new character to level 10 and receive 2 additional beta keys!

*Logging in constitutes entering your username, password and entering the game world with your character.

Note: You must log in each day consecutively, if you miss a day your total logins will restart. Your highest consecutive total will be the one used to calculate the number of keys you are awarded.



This is the best way to ensure you play with all your friends when Age of Wulin CBT begins!
Before you begin you must have Signed Up for the Age of Wulin Beta with your account. If you have already Signed Up then you can play Allods Online now, else just CLICK HERE to Sign Up to the Beta before logging into Allods Online.

If you participate, but you are not Signed Up to the Beta then your participation will not be taken into account.
So Download and Play Allods Online Now!.

You know what you have to do!

See you in Allods,

Your Age of Wulin Team.

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