Skills in Age of Wulin

What is my 3rd Internal Skill?
You can consider your 3rd Internal Skill kind of like a third set of levels, with which you get better stats and can do new things. Leveling any 3rd Internal Skill will also unlock the ability to level the relevant Meridian to its 108th Circle, providing you have also leveled the necessary 2nd Internal Skill as well. Unlocking the 3rd Internal Skills opens up a bunch of new content and things to do in Age of Wulin, solely from the power that it brings. If you're wondering what your School’s 3rd Internal Skill is, see the table below.

Luohan Subdues the Demon Skill
Shangqing Limitless Skill
Flying Feather Classic
Scholar's Academy
Love-Forgetting Divine Book
Beggar's Sect
Dragon-Subduing Mind Technique
Tang Clan
Five Poisons Classic
Blissful Valley
Joyous Rhyme
Royal Guard
Seven-Kill Classic

How do I get my 3rd Internal Skill?
The 3rd Internal Skill is special, and thus needs combined efforts throughout the Jianghu to obtain. Members of each School must work together to unlock the 3rd Internal Skill for their brethren during the one-time server event. Once a School unlocks their 3rd Internal Skill, a quest line will open for qualifying School members.

To unlock this quest line, the following requirements must be met:

  • Grade 8 School Identity
  • Level 30 on 2nd Internal Skill
  • Jianghu Reputation 70k+

Once you have obtained these prerequisites, you must go to a specific NPC in your School to receive your first quest, details for which can be found in the table below. Also detailed on the table are the locations of Exchange NPCs, which we will explain beneath the table.


  Shaolin Wudang Emei Scholar's Academy
Quest Starting NPC Liao Ye
(751, 360)
Wang Mohua
(353, 349)
Zhang Qingrou
(275, 107)
Zhou Luoxi
(316, 357)
Exchange NPC 1 (757, 405) (365, 330) (448, 206) (299, 404)
Exchange NPC 2 (865, 440) (483, 558) (712, -26) (415, 548)
Exchange NPC 3 (802, 302) (545, -15) (712, -16) (642, 595)
   Beggar's Sect  Tang Clan  Blissful Valley Royal Guard
Quest Starting NPC Xiong Jianfei
(585, 217)
Tang Yu
(1105, -119)
Dai Tangfei
(90, 33)
Jiang Biaoling
(333, -111)
Exchange NPC 1 (555, 252) (1030, -157) (266, 82) (348, -99)
Exchange NPC 2 (555, 288) (1030, 19) (217, -35) (348, -169)
Exchange NPC 3 (588, 267) (1054, -141) (326, 55) (407, -73)

The four different levels of 3rd Internal Skill books (Beginner, Advanced, Medium, High) are obtained through different methods, and all require Sect Honour Certificates. You will be required to trade Sect Honour Certificates for task items; after completing the quest, you will receive a relevant 3rd Internal Skill Book Page. Although, there is an exception; book pages 32-36 require you to combine 2 lower level books at the relevant exchange NPCs. As for how many Sect Honour Certificates will be required per book, see below:

  • Basic Level (1-9) - 15 Sect Honour Certificates
  • Advanced Level (10-18) - 20 Sect Honour Certificates
  • Medium Level (19-31) - 25 Sect Honour Certificates
  • High Level (32-36) - 2 pages of the same School's 3rd Internal Skill book, must be 1 level lower than the desired book

Also note that only one School quest can be open at any one time, and if you cancel it you will lose all Sect Honour Certificates contributed.

Can I learn another School's 3rd Internal Skill?
In short - yes! As with every other skill in Age of Wulin, anyone can learn any School's 3rd Internal Skill. There are limitations, of course. A player can only level another School's 3rd Internal Skill to level 30, as opposed to the level 36 of a native user. To obtain another School's 3rd Internal Skill book pages, a player can exchange Sect Honour Certificates at one of the Exchange NPCs listed above.

What does my School's 3rd Internal Skill do?
As with the 2nd Internal Skill, the 3rd Internal Skill provides an increase in base stats, depending on the School to which it belongs. In addition, new unique "Internal Skill Special Effect" abilities are available, which scale depending on the skill level. For details on what each 3rd Internal Skill's "Internal Skill Special Effect" is when maxed, see below.


With each attack, you have a 30% chance to gain special vision of one of four states, with a 20% chance to obtain all four at once.

  • Conception of a Personality: Ignore the external skill parry avoidance by 13% and ignore the internal skill avoidance by 13%.
  • Conception of Beings: Ignore the external skill defence avoidance by 10% and ignore the internal skill defence avoidance by 10%.
  • Conception of a Life: Increased critical hit rate by 26% and critical hit damage by 50%.
  • Conception of Ego: Increases damage by 57 points for each attack.

You are unable to enter "See Things Behind the Surface" status for a short time. 
Understanding always depends on chance and timing.

Golden Elixir Robbery
If you are under attack when your HP is less than 30%, this enables you to quickly regenerate 30% of your Maximum HP within 5 seconds. There is a 100 second cooldown.

Shangqing Limitless
Whirlwind Stepping Technique jump speed +3.

Exercise the Meridians
Each move can regenerate Maximum HP by 2% within 5 seconds, there is also a chance to double the regenerating effect.

Breath in the Air
After doing a Cloud Piercing Leap, you can breathe in the air and perform a second Cloud Piercing Leap for 3 seconds.

 Beggar's Sect
Dragon Chant
You have a chance to cause yang damage to the target when you attack. Damage dealt this way is equal to 10% of the target’s current HP (up to a maximum of 983 points)

Regulate the Breath
You can restore lightness skill value by 7 points through meditating to regulate the breath, and the wine that was drunk can be metabolised (you can recover from intoxication gradually).

 Tang Clan
Strange Poison of the Tang Clan
You have a chance to accumulate poison in both hands with each attack. When you have accumulated the poison 3 times, it can be injected into the enemy’s body in the next attack, which causes 39 points of yin damage per second. The poison can cause 312 points of yin damage and render the target unable to move after the effect fades (damage can be increased by ranged attack power).

Poison Identification Master
You have a 10% chance to have poison immunity.

 Blissful Valley
Life Drain
After every 6 attacks, the next 4 attacks will regenerate your own HP (by an amount equal to 50% of the damage caused; there is a chance to regenerate by an amount equal to 100% of the damage caused)

Joyous Secret
Exercise Joyous Rhyme to complete the raid practice. Regenerates an additional 2 points of lightness skill value. Lasts for 60 minutes.

Royal Guards
Devastation Attack
Every attack has a chance to accumulate Murderous Qi: this increases strength by 18 points. After accumulating Murderous Qi 7 times, all available Murderous Qi can be released by drawing Qi. This causes External Skill damage equal to the strength of the target. It will also cause additional External Skill damage to the enemies whose HP is lower than 30%. The additional damage is equal to 8% of the target’s loss HP.

Man and Horse are the One
“Sprint” effect extended by 100% while riding.

Scholar's Academy
Forget the Sword and Oneself
Every attack has an opportunity to gain the “Forget the Sword and Oneself” effect; this increases the damage by 5 points for each attack, and increases an additional 5 points every 2 seconds. This effect lasts for 20 seconds.

Sword Master
Increases damage of sword weapons by 30 points.


Well, that's all we have to teach you about the 3rd Internal Skills for now. Go forth into the Jianghu and see for yourself!