Skills in Age of Wulin

The mighty Sunflower Manual and Qi Drain are certainly the most famous of Jianghu Internal Skills, but they are not the only ones. Not necessarily mastered by one Sect alone, the Jianghu Internal Skills are open to all great Xias, and can even be cultivated past the limit of standard Internal Skills. You can take a closer look at each Jianghu Internal Skill's max level (75) stats and special effect below!

 Internal Skill Name

Sunset Skill

Wuwang Divine Skill

Five Elements Mind Skill

Purple Haze Skill

 Strength 112 182 112 182
 Body Method 109 112 109 166
 Internal Breathing 182 170 170 112
 Vigorous Qi 166 109 166 109
 Stamina 170 166 182 170
 Max HP+ 9120 9150 9240 9570
 Max IP+ 2320 2310 2280 2210
 Max Parry End.+ 9750 7920 9990 7740
 Internal Skill Defence+ 195 195 195 195
 20% damage bonus Yang/Hardness Yang/Hardness Yin/Softness Taiji
 16% damage bonus Taiji
Taiji Taiji Yin, Softness, Yang, Hardness
 Special Effect If you're attacked with the Internal Skill active, you gain a Super Armour buff for 3 seconds, with a 14 second cooldown. All incoming damage is reduced by 24%. This ability is removed once you attack. Your attacks ignore 12% of the targets' internal and external skill defence and increases your damage by 6% Your attacks can reduce your opponent's Vigorous Qi, Internal Breathing and Stamina by 1 point and convert it into your Internal Breathing, this lasts for 30 seconds. Each attack has a 50% chance of providing an additional stack. This can stack up to 35 times. Attacks deal damage equal to 0.75 times of the target's consumed internal power and an additional 150 points of Yin damage.
 Internal Skill Name

Toad Style

Bloody Sabre Classic

Icy Heart Code

Chaos Style

 Strength 201 166 109 127
 Body Method 99 207 98 80
 Internal Breathing 180 160 179 211
 Vigorous Qi 93 95 173 173
 Stamina 166 112 180 148
 Max HP+ 9120 8880 9180 8850
 Max IP+ 2320 2380 2300 2380
 Max Parry End.+ 7260 8100 9840 8820
 Internal Skill Defence+ 195 195 195 195
 20% damage bonus Yang/Hardness Yang/Hardness Yin/Softness Taiji
 16% damage bonus Taiji
Taiji Taiji Yin, Softness, Yang, Hardness
 Special Effect Chance to add Toad Poison to enemy when you fail to parry an attack. This lasts for 9 seconds, and can stack up to 8 times. When it reaches 8 stacks, the opponent's move will be interrupted and they will be stunned for 3 seconds.

Chance for attacks to cause additional damage, which causes continuous HP loss for 8 seconds.

Lethal: target bleeds continuously and all recovery effects reduced by 80%

Chance to add Icy Heart Defence stack on parry. Restores HP for 9 seconds (250% of the damage received from the attack, to a maximum 388, once every half second at most). While recovering, your parry endurance recovery speed is greatly increased. When you are attacked in the Lightness Skills Disabled, Paralysed or Faint states, then you can continuously recover HP for 3 seconds. There is also a possibility that all negative effects will be eliminated at once (direct enemy attacks that disable lightness skills, paralyse or cause fainting will immediately trigger recovery).
 Internal Skill Name

Against Worldly Evil

 Strength 142
 Body Method 103
 Internal Breathing 148
 Vigorous Qi 205
 Stamina 140
 Max HP+ 9150
 Max IP+ 12310
 Max Parry End.+ 10530
 Internal Skill Defence+ 195
 20% damage bonus Yin/Softness
 16% damage bonus Taiji
 Special Effect When an attack is not parried, an "Evil" Qi stack is applied. Each stack increases attack damage by 1.5% and applies continuous damage for 16 seconds. This can stack up to 15 times, but if an attack is parried, a level of Evil Qi is lost. Disobey God Evil Power: When Evil Qi goes down a level, it has a chance to improve internal defence by 50% for a period of time, and also give a soft damage bonus to all attacks for 12 seconds.

How to obtain Jianghu Internal Skills

Jianghu Internal Skills are obtained through a variety of different methods, most of which require a rather powerful Xia to begin with. In this guide we will not go into detail on how to obtain each part of every Jianghu Internal Skill, but rather hint at known methods of obtaining them. Following is a list of known methods for learning one or more of the Internal Skills listed above, so go in-game and hunt them down yourself!

  • Forbidden Instances - Hell & Shura difficulties
  • World Bosses
  • Random Encounters
  • Item Exchange