Skills in Age of Wulin

What is my 4th Internal Skill?
You can consider your 4th Internal Skill kind of like a fourth set of levels, with which you get better stats and can do new things. Leveling any 4th Internal Skill will also unlock the ability to level the relevant Meridian to its 144th Circle, providing you have also leveled the necessary additional Internal Skills as well. Unlocking the 4th Internal Skill allows you to strive to new heights with their mighty power. If you're wondering what your Sect’s 4th Internal Skill is, see the table below.

Sandalwood Divine Skill
Pure-Yang Wuji Skill
Icy Skin and Jade Bone Skill
Scholar's Academy
Lianhua Mirror
Beggar's Sect
Wine Rain Divine Skill
Tang Clan
Basic Yin
Blissful Valley
Joyous Rhyme
Royal Guard
Dark Heaven Records

How do I get my 4th Internal Skill?
The 4th Internal Skill is a well-kept secret, and thus needs combined efforts throughout the Jianghu to obtain. Members of each Sect must work together to unlock the 4th Internal Skill for their brethren during the one-time server event. Once a Sect unlocks their 3rd Internal Skill, a quest line will open for qualifying Sect members.

To unlock this quest line, the following requirements must be met:

  • Grade 8 School Identity
  • Level 30 on 3rd Internal Skill
  • Jianghu Reputation 130k+

Learning your Sect's Fourth Internal Skill requires you to first complete a quest line, given to you by your Sect's Leader NPC. Following this quest line, about a mysterious thief who steals your Sect's sacred treasure, will grant you the first five pages of your Sect's Fourth Internal Skill.

Obtaining the subsequent 44 pages will require a mixture of obtaining Sheepskins Scraps from various Forbidden Instances and Sect Instances, then exchanging them at your Sect's Chief Martial Uncle NPC for your desired book, and following more quest lines. For more details, see the table below.


Internal Skill Page Method
1-5 Quest line from Sect Leader NPC
6-10 Exchange, 8 Sheepskins Scraps each
11-15 Quest line from Chief Martial Uncle NPC
16-22 Exchange, 10 Sheepskins Scraps each
23-28 Quest line from Chief Martial Uncle NPC
29-37 Exchange, 10 Sheepskins Scraps each
38-43 Quest line from Sect Leader NPC
44 Exchange, 12 Sheepskins Scraps
45-49 Exchange 2x of the previous Page for your desired Page

Finally, Jianghu VIP will have the luxury of only needing to pay half the listed amount of Sheepskins Scraps for Pages! Furthermore, they will also be able to buy Pages 1-5, 11-15, 23-28 and 38-43 directly from the Chief Martial Uncle NPC for 20 Sheepskins Scraps each, without having to do the quest lines.

Can I learn another Sect's 4th Internal Skill?
The Fourth Internal Skill is of great value to each Sect, and thus its secrecy is sternly kept. Players will only be able to learn the 4th Internal Skill of their own Sect, and will have no access to other Fourth Internal Skills.

What does my Sect's 4th Internal Skill do?
As with all other Internal Skills, the 4th Internal Skill provides an increase in base stats. In addition, new unique "Internal Skill Special Effect" abilities are available, which scale depending on the skill level. For details on what each 4th Internal Skill's "Internal Skill Special Effect" is when maxed, see below.


When you are attacked, there is a chance to reduce the incoming damage by 50%, and you will also gain one stack of sandalwood incense.

Heal Trauma
When attacked, you have a chance to clear out all dead blood, and convert it into congested blood.

Invigorate the Blood
Once you have gained 4 stacks of sandalwood incense, 50% of your congested blood will be regained as normal HP.

When attacking, you have a chance to shock the enemy, who will then suffer additional Yang damage with each of your attacks. This lasts for 16 seconds.

Pure-Yang Wuji
If the enemy attempts to use skills over 3 times while shocked, they will gain Aggravated Internal Injury, sealing their moves and Lightness abilities for 3 seconds. This ability will also trigger if the shock ends without incident.

Your attacks gain the chance to trigger an "Icy Assault", interrupting the target's current skill.

Icy Jade Binding
When you are attacked, there is a high chance to trigger this ability, which removes most debuffs, recovers some Parry Endurance, increases External Skill Parry and Internal Skill Neutralisation by 18, and adding extra Yin damage to your skills for the next 15 seconds.

 Beggar's Sect
When attacking, you have a high chance of applying a Wine Rain stack, which reduces your opponent's internal and external defence and dodge rate for 30 seconds, while increasing your critical hit rate by 18%.

When blessed with Wine Rain, you will gain the Drunken buff, causing you to radiate the Wine God effect. You will use one stack of Wine God for every skill you perform, and the remaining Wine God stacks will be applyed as additional Yang damage to your attack.

Sobering Up
Attacking with Wine God in effect may trigger Sobering Up, which increases your critical hit rate by 10% for 12 seconds.

 Tang Clan
With each attack, you have a chance to apply Yin Poison to your target, causing minor damage and lasting for 16 seconds.

Yin Poison Explosion
You have a high chance to activate the Yin Poison with your attack, causing all accumulated poison to cause damage all at once. After a Yin Poison Explosion, your target will enter a hit recovery state, losing 30% of their congested blood, their movement speed will be reduced to its minimum (gradually returning to normal over 6 seconds) and removing their ability to use Lightness Skills for 4 seconds.

 Blissful Valley
When attacking, you have the chance to become entranced, gaining a stack of Demonic Demeanour and four stacks of Demonic Appearance.

Demonic Demeanour
You gain back 50% of the damage dealt in critical hits as HP.

Demonic Appearance
Your critical hit rate rises by 30%, each subsequent critical hit removes one stack of Demonic Appearance. This lasts for 15 seconds.

Royal Guards
Every 16 seconds, you will gain a stack of Chasing. For your next 12 attacks, your ignore parry rate is increased by 28%, and a large amount of Hardness damage is applied, which ignores your opponent's parry.

Dark Sky Flips the Scale
When attacked, you have a chance to be overcome with rage. During this time, damage taken from enemy attacks is reduced by 18%. This effect lasts for 32 seconds.

Scholar's Academy
You have a high chance to apply a stack of Flying Flower Pure Qi to your enemy while attacking, causing some Softness damage, limited to 3 stacks.

Shaking Branches
Stacks of Flying Flower Pure Qi will bloom after 6 seconds, interrupting their current skill and putting them into a temporary state of hit recovery. Additionally, it will inflict Yin damage onto the target and nearby enemies. Finally, the target will take damage with every skill they use in the next 12 seconds.