Skills in Age of Wulin

Age of Wulin's in-depth damage system heavily contributes to the intricate PvP combat that makes it so special. Influencing factors on damage dealt in-game can include skill attributes, weapon stats, character stats, damage type and a great many separate influencers on each of those. For this guide, we will be taking a general look at attributes, the elements (so to speak) of Age of Wulin, and the two primary damage types - Internal and External Skill damage.


What are Attributes?
There are five separate attributes in Age of Wulin - Yin, Yang, Hardness, Softness and Taiji. Yin and Softness are often paired together, as are Yang and Hardness, though Taiji is always alone. You will mostly see these attributes mentioned in skill tooltips, where they may state an Internal Skill as Yang/Hardness, like Shaolin's Zen Meditation. Attributes are also applied to combat skills, where each skill set holds a particular attribute, such as Wudang's Tai Chi Sword Technique, which is Taiji.

Attributes heavily influence damage and defence in Age of Wulin; they are, in themselves, different kinds of damage and defence. Every player in the game has base defence for Yin, Yang, Hardness and Softness damage, and has the capability to dish out damage of all types through the detailed skill system.

Attributes in Internal Skills
All Internal Skills hold attributes; they are either Yin & Softness, Yang & Hardness or Taiji. This system allows for Internal Skills to be made more powerful by Clothes with certain enhancements. Each Internal Skill also buffs damage dealt by combat skills with certain attributes by 20% or 16%, check out the table below for more details!



20% damage bonus Yin, Softness Yang, Hardness Taiji
16% damage bonus Taiji Taiji Yin, Softness, Yang, Hardness

Attributes in Combat Skills
Combat Skills use attributes more intricately, as they can become a core part of the damage dealt. Each skill set holds a particular single attribute, which can be enhanced by Internal Skills as mentioned above. Using skill sets that are enhanced by your preferred Internal Skill is a solid character building strategy, and goes hand in hand with deciding your preferred damage type, outlined below.

Now let's move on and take a look at the two primary damage types - External Skill damage and Internal Skill damage.

Damage Types

What are Damage Types?
There are two main damage branches in Age of Wulin - External Skill damage and Internal Skill damage. Most skill sets contain skills entirely of one damage type, though there are some mixed sets which have some skills of one type, and some of the other. External and Internal Skill damage each work with different character builds, so to speak, and your damage/defence for each of them can be modified by skills and equipment.

Internal Skill Damage
This damage type is split up into attributes - you won't ever see a skill say that it causes "Internal Skill damage", but instead "Yin damage", "Yang damage" and so on. You can take "Swallow Swoops on the Water Skill" and "Swallow Surprises the Pond" for example, which are from the same skill set, and Yang & Yin attributed, respectively.

Altering factors for Internal Skill damage or defence include clothing equipment, weapons, treasures, Internal Skills and Meridians. You can view your character's Internal Skill damage and defence stats under the Strength tab of your Character Attributes (C) menu.

External Skill Damage
This damage type is far more straight-forward than Internal Skill damage; any skill that causes External Skill damage simply says so in the tooltip. Much like Internal Skill damage, it has its own influencers and its own damage/defence stats. These can also be checked by visiting the Strength tab of your Character Attributes (C) menu.