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The third and final skill set to grace our shop in the era of Chapter 3: Wisdom is a Journey is perhaps the mightiest. Developed to accompany the legendary Mandarin Duck Blades, this Twin Sabre skill set is a force to be reckoned with.

Slice through your opponent with a trail of purple and red, then fuse your weapons into one massive blade, perfect for cleaving your enemies in two! Truly unique in its functionality, let's take a look at the Taiji-attributed External Skill damage set known as...


Yuanyang Twin Blades

Legacy of Grace

Strike in front of you with a swing of your mighty sabre. If The Benevolent are Invincible is active, this becomes a charging move and deals additional damage.

Gentle Breeze over the Jade Pedestal
Spin and leap into the air, then fall with the power of your Twin Sabres in hand, cutting your opponent to pieces! You may also utilise lightness skills to quickly move to your opponent with this move. If The Benevolent are Invincible is active, this move deals additional damage.

Peacock's Plume Reflected in a Flurry of Sabres
Plunge your Twin Sabres into the ground, creating a large shockwave. Enemies within a certain distance will be stunned. If The Benevolent are Invincible is active, pulls up to 5 enemies within a certain distance towardsyou, stunning them.


Green Flute Hearkens Twin Phoenixes
Disappear into a flurry of spinning blades, then reappear and fall to the ground. You will gain Yellow Super Armour while you spin, and you may also move around or use Lightness Skills during this time. If The Benevolent are Invincible is active, you will gain a Red Super Armour state instead, and the skill will deal more damage.

Divination of Cosmic Harmony
Combine your Twin Sabres into one might blade! Activates The Benevolent are Invincible, enhancing all other skills. This buff lasts for 60 seconds, or until the 6 given stacks are all used up (one is used for each skill you perform). You will gain a Yellow Super Armour buff while using this skill.

Peerless Hero, Romantic Youth
A powerful Blocking Move; gain the Counter buff, allowing you the chance to break an opponent's move and counter-attack, if you block it! Unlike other Blocking Move, this ability only remains for 5 seconds. If The Benevolent are Invincible is active, counter-attack damage and range is increased.

A Night to Remember

A unique two-strike Empty Move, A Night to Remember prevents your opponents' Lightness Skill use for a few seconds, if you break their parry with it. If The Benevolent are Invincible is active, damage and attack range are both increased.

You can buy Yuanyang Twin Blades for 99  in our in-game shop! 
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