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In addition to being the first skill set release of Chapter 5, our second ever Staff Shop skill set has arrived!

Use the staff to its greatest potential in this hard-hitting, control-heavy skill set! Create great gusts of wind in the brand new Taiji-attributed External Skill damage skill set...

Wulang Eight Trigrams Staff

Heaven Ruler

Swing your mighty staff forward and break through the air itself! This skill applies the Heaven Ruler debuff, temporarily stunning your opponent, and only allowing them to slowly recover their movement speed.

Kirin Step
Wulang Eight Trigrams Staff's Empty Move; swing your staff downward to cause a great gust of wind. If it breaks your opponent's parry, it will add the Kirin Step debuff, sealing their moves and Lightness Skills for a short time.

Heaven Pillar Kick
Knock your enemy into the air with the ground-slam of your staff, then kick your staff into a spin to hit them mid-air! You may dash to your opponent to use this skill.

Cross Body
Wulang Eight Trigrams Staff's Blocking Move; spin and raise your staff to apply the Cross Body buff. If you parry your opponent's attack, you will gain one stack of Silent Hibernation, which lasts for 15 seconds. When four stacks are gained, Overnight Legend will activate, allowing you to reuse Vertical Hand within 10 seconds of using it.

Tiger Meets Dragon
Push yourself up above your staff and use your downward momentum to slam the ground below! The first hit can knock back enemies who fail to parry, and if they're hit without parry by the second hit, they will be knocked down.

Vertical Hand
A unique targeted skill that requires you to select an area before executing; leap to your opponent, knock them into the air with an upward swing and then spin your staff above your head, knocking them into the area selected with your mouse. All enemies within range will be stunned for a short time in addition to taking damage, and you will gain Yellow Super Armour while you use this skill.

Rapid Firing Spear

Wulang Eight Trigrams Staff's Rage Move; assault your opponent in a flurry of kicks and staff strikes, landing a total of six powerful hits. This skill also allows you to dash straight to your opponent.



You can buy Wulang Eight Trigrams Staff for 99  in our in-game shop! 
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