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A new skill set was introduced to the Jianghu with the implementation of the grand Immortal Legends expansion, and today we finally get to take a closer look!

Delicate and elegant, but deadly as the poisons of the Vulture King; this is what the whispers say about a new technique finding its way throughout the Jianghu. It is said to be passed down from the descendants of the Peach Blossom sect themselves, using the unique Twin Spikes to deliver swift, agonising blows. The name of this new Softness attributed Internal Skill damage technique is...


Touch of Colours


Cloud Waving Spell

Perhaps the signature move of Touch of Colours, Cloud Waving Spell involves tripping your opponent up, swiftly sitting on top of them and cutting their throat with your Twin Spike! This move also allows you to dash to your opponent - truly deadly!

Dance of the White Figure
Swing your whole body with your arm to deliver a devastating strike with your Twin Spike. Dance of the White Figure allows you to dash to your opponent, and also deals more damage if your opponent has low HP!

Flowing Pure Silk
Spin your body and let your Twin Spikes rotate around you, causing area of effect damage with 6 total hits. Also endure enemy attacks with a Super Yellow Armour buff!


Qinluo Swipe
The great Empty Move of Touch of Colours, Qinluo Swipe breaks enemy parries with a barrage of energy and Twin Spikes in a forward arc.All the while giving a chance to deal double damage and recover 10 Rage!

Torn Petals
A powerful Blocking Move, Torn Petals brings you into the Defence-Attack Reversal state, wherein if you are hit while parrying, you have a chance to disrupt your enemy's move and counter-attack!

Sparse Rainfall
A powerful Qi Move, Sparse Rainfall gives a 10 second buff that absorbs large amounts of incoming damage. In addition, when Sparse Rainfall ends, there is a chance to gain the coveted Red Super Armour buff!

Dance of Colourful Figure

A unique Qi Rage Move, Dance of Colourful Figure allows you to repeat the last Touch of Colours technique used! In some cases, additional effects can even be added, see below for more details.

  • Flowing Pure Silk
    • The technique will ignore all enemy parries, and do damage regardless.
  • Sparse Rainfall
    • When Sparse Rainfall ends, it deals damage to nearby enemies. 

You can buy Touch of Colours for 99  in our in-game shop! 
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