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In Age of Wulin the greatest weapon isn't something you can wield in your hands, but rather true power that comes from within. Focus your energy and allow your inner strength to be released from your core, as you unleash a fury of fists with the ancient technique...

Ten Palms Subduing the Dragon


Mean Dragon in the Field
Strike the target, inflicting damage. The target will be marked with Dragon's Footprint: Decreases Internal and External Accuracy. This effect can be stacked 2 times. Target is under the Add Insult to Injury effect for 20 seconds, and taunted whenever seriously injured.

Handless Group

Hit the target's face to inflict damage. If the target is still under the effect of Dragon's Footprint, it will also fall under the effect of The Cuff, which randomizes the target's key bindings for 6 seconds. (The duration can be stacked with the stack count of Dragon's Footprint effect.)

Hidden Dragons are Useless

Turn a slap in the face into a poke in the eye, inflicting damage. When the parry is broken, the target falls under the effect of Eye-Stab, and vision is blurred for 3 seconds.

Black Dragon Swings Its Tail
While successfully parrying, enemies with Dragon's Footprint have a chance to be stunned!


Falling Dragon in the Sky
Charge toward the target to inflict damage. This skill can be charged. When fully charged for 1.5 seconds, enemies are knocked back.


  Dragon Repents
Knock your enemy off his feet then pelt his face with eggs, resulting in damage.



You can buy Ten Palms Subduing the Dragon for 99  in our in-game shop! 
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