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A powerful and straightforward Single Sword skill set has come to the Shop! Showcasing Japanese-inspired swordplay, here comes the brand new Taiji-attributed External Skill damage skill set known as...

Skyward Sword

Distant Cloud

A bladed flourish of four hits; this skill allows you to dash to your target with Lightness.

Difference between Heaven and Earth

Swing your blade upward with the power of the wind! Those affected by your sword's Chi will receive the Lost debuff, reducing Internal and External accuracy by 10% for 10 seconds.

Flying Feather and Snow
Enter a stance similar to the legendary sword drawing skills of Japanese warriors, granting you the Draw the Sword buff. If an enemy attacks during this time, you will counterattack. Additionally, receive a special effect when using Upward Move and Sword Chi Flute Heart.

Sword Qi and Flute Heart

A ranged blast of Chi that can hit targets up to 20 metres away. If you have the Draw the Sword buff, targets who do not parry may be knocked back.

Clouds Cover the Sun
A unique skill that may only be used when you have the Covered Sun buff. Fly to your opponent with Lightness and deliver two sword strikes!

Great Upwards Step
An Empty Move that creates a whirlwind of Chi in front of you, delivering two separate hits. If you break the enemy's parry, they will be stunned for 3 seconds, and pulled to your side. If used with Draw the Sword active, you will be able to select a location to move to before unleashing the attack.

Six Flying Moves

Dash to a designated area and deliver 6 ghostly hits! Upon using the skill, you will receive the Six Moves buff, increasing dodge rate; upon successful dodge, you will then receive the Covered Sun buff, allowing you to use Covered Sun and Cloud.

Flying Sword

A simple Rage Move that unleashes a series of brutal attacks on the target. Dishing out a total of 7 hits, Flying Sword has no additional affects, though it makes up for this in raw damage.



You can buy Skyward Sword for 99  in our in-game shop! 
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