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Truly masterful martial artists treat their weapons as an extension of their own bodies, and a new skill set that displays this principle more proudly than any other is about to hit the Jianghu. Staff users rejoice and rush to learn the secrets of this uniquely fluid and powerful Taiji technique - Seeking Defeat Staff!

Seeking Defeat Staff

Feigned Defeat
Unleash a swift, broad strike with your staff, delivering one powerful hit of External Skill damage; if you have the "Undefeated" buff, Feigned Defeat will also knock back enemies in the line of fire!


Lower Head and Proclaim King
Dash to your target and deliver a cyclone attack of four separate hits, each dealing External Skill damage. If you have the "Invincible" buff, you can dash from further away and with greater speed!



Will of Death
Use your entire body to forcefully drop the power and weight of your staff onto your enemies, dealing External Skill damage and breaking parries! If you manage to break an enemy's parry with Will of Death, they undertake the "Despair" debuff, causing them to fall down when using Lightness Skills!

Seeking Defeat Staff's Blocking Move, Undefeated allows you to switch between "Flaunting Stance" and "Restraining Stance"

  • Flaunting Stance: Upon enduring an attack, you gain the "Undefeated" buff, with which, Feigned Default's skill range increases by 3 meters, Admitted Defeat's range increases by 8 meters and all other Seeking Defeat Staff skills' range increase by 2 meters!
  • Restraining Stance: When you successfully parry enemy attacks, you gain the "Unbreakable" buff, increasing the attack damage of every skill in Seeking Defeat Staff by 6! Evil Wind Slays the Spirit is the exception, which gains an 11 point enhancement! Additionally, the dash distance and speed of Lower Head and Proclaim King & Winner's Rule are both enhanced.


Admitted Defeat
Channel energy to throw your staff, dealing one decisive strike of External Skill damage. If the target is on the ground or in the air, they will be knocked back further. If you have the "Undefeated" buff, the knock-back effect will ignore any parry.



Turning the Tables
Seeking Defeat Staff's only Qi move, Turning the Tables applies the "Turning Tables" buff to you, meaning the next person to attack you will have 50% of their damage returned to them!


Winner's Rule
Knock your enemy back with a swift kick, and follow up with a heavy vertical strike! Dealing 3 hits of External Skill damage in total, Winner's Rule will also let you dash straight to your target.


Evil Wind Slays the Spirit
Seeking Defeat Staff's mighty Rage technique; spin with your staff, hitting vital points of those in the area of effect along the way, delivering a total of 5 attacks of External Skill damage! If your targets are other players, each landed hit will also deal damage equal to 2% of their total HP.


You can buy Seeking Defeat Staff for 99  in our in-game shop! 
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