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The first of three brand new Skill Sets coming to the Shop has arrived! With the introduction of Chapter 3: Wisdom is a Journey, Nine Palace Sword Technique is now available to those willing to master it!

Utilising the legendary Tai Chi Diagram to its fullest potential, this mighty skill set applies arrays from the heavens and earth to reduce foes to nothing! Brandish elegant Twin Swords to deal massive Yin (Internal Skill) damage, with the Taiji attributed...

Nine Palace Sword Technique

Nine Swords Aslant

Slash forward at your enemies, applying one stack of Sword Light with each hit of this low-cooldown move.


Flip Over
Swiftly manoeuvre behind your enemy, leap to the air and then strike from above, cutting them to ribbons all the while! This powerful move locks your opponent whilst you move, and even allows you to rush to them!

Centre of Five Dwellings
The Empty Move of Nine Palace Sword Technique, this skill allows you to spin, duck and weave on spot, brandishing your Twin Swords. If those hit by the skill have their parry broken and you are in Heaven's Time or Favourable Terrain, you will receive a buff preventing your moves from being sealed.

Nine at the Top, 1 at the Bottom
Nine Palace Sword Technique's Blocking Move; if you successfully parry and are in Heaven's Time, you will gain a shield that reflects a considerable amount of damage taken. If you are in Favourable Terrain, your attacks will hold additional damage, and if you are in neither, you will receive one stack of Sword Light.

Six and Eight at the Foot
This large AoE move opens the Heaven Sword Array, which stuns and deals damage to enemies caught in it! Allies in the Heaven Sword Array receive Heaven's Time, increasing their movement speed. Enemies in the Heaven Sword Array receive Heaven's Gap, increasing their consumption of Internal Power and Lightness points!

Two is North-East, Four is North-West
A second large AoE move, which opens the Earth Sword Array, knocking down and dealing damage to enemies caught in it. Allies in the array receive the Favourable Terrain buff, increasing their Critical Hit and Accuracy stats. Enemies caught in the array will gain Earth Splitting, reducing their External Defence.

One Sword Drives Nine

A ranged AoE move; if you are in Heaven's Time, enemies caught in the AoE will have their keyboard settings randomised for a short time. If you are in Favourable Terrain, the move will change to Nine Palaces Eight Winds.

Nine Swords Return to One

A ranged, targeted skill that applies additional damage depending on the amount of Sword Light stacks you have accrued. If you are in Heaven's Time, your target will continuously lose HP over a short time. If you are in Favourable Terrain, your target will be stunned for a short time.

Nine and Nine Restored

A powerful Rage Move that applies Red Super Armour as you teleport between targets and cut them to ribbons with your mighty Twin Swords! If you are in either Heaven's Time or Favourable Terrain, your damage will be enhanced.

You can buy Nine Palace Sword Technique for 99  in our in-game shop! 
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