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Summon the power of the elements and manipulate the very winds themselves. Smite your foes with blasts of lightning and swift strikes from your Short Staff in Age of Wulin's latest skill set addition - Lightning Demon's Bane! More general updates will be coming, although in the meantime, look forward to this new set, available in the shop after next Tuesday's maintenance.

Lightning Demon's Bane Staff

Sudden Change
Deliver a swift horizontal strike with your Short Staff, adding 1 stack of Wind and Cloud.


As Fast as Lightning

A more focused attack, dash towards your enemy to apply two swift smacks of your Short Staff, leaving them with an additional stack of Wind and Cloud.

Thunder Sweep

Leap high above your target, out of their sights - then fall from the heavens and beat them down with your mighty Short Staff. Thunder Sweep deals extra damage for each stack of Hidden Thunder previously applied to the target.


Dampen Spirits
Drop down low to avoid incoming attacks and lash out with your Short Staff - if you break your opponent's parry with Dampen Spirits, their recovery is delayed, allowing you to quickly follow up with more attacks.

Tempest Invocation
If you successfully parry while under Tempest Invocation, a stack of Hidden Thunder is applied to the opponent.


Tall Trees Catch the Wind

A mighty area of effect move - summon the power of the wind to knock up surrounding enemies! Also summon the Wind and Thunder Qi Field, blocking enemy use of lightness skills.

Empty Cave Invites the Wind

Invoke the wind and thunder of the heavens! Spin your Short Staff above your head, striking nearby enemies and, if they have stacks of Hidden Thunder, pull them into your area of effect. If you have less than 50% HP when using this skill, feel the blessing of the gods and receive a Yellow Super Armour buff for the duration of the attack!


Blustery Blow
The great Rage move of the Lightning Demon's Bane Staff technique. Pierce the ground with the power of lightning and wind, slowing those around you and applying bonus damage if the target has Cloud and Wind stacks applied.



You can buy Lightning Demon's Bane Staff for 99  in our in-game shop! 
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