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Once a technique known only to the elite of the Shaolin Temple, the mighty Iron Head routine has found its way off the holy mountain and into the wide world of the Jianghu. Focusing Qi in one's skull allows a great hardness, and this is what makes the Iron Head routine so formidable.

Control your enemies' movements through mighty blows with this formidable Hardness-attributed, External Skill damage technique:

Iron Head Skill

Child Worshipping Buddha

Fiercely grab your opponent and toss them up in the air, bringing them down on your fortified skull before slamming them onto the ground. This total of four attacks applies the "Aching Head" debuff to the target, and the skill will deal more damage the more you use it!

Moth to a Flame
A powerful charge move, Moth to a Flame allows you to hold the attack key for up to two seconds to accumulate strength before swiftly moving towards your target. As you move to your enemy, a Yellow Super Armour buff is also applied!

Warrior Knocks the Bell
Perform a quick frontflip-like movement to bring momentum to your charging head, hitting the enemy twice in a frontal area of effect move. In addition, if an opponent is hit with this move 3 times within a certain period of time, the third hit will knock them back!

Golden Child Strikes the Drum
The mighty Empty Move of Iron Head, Golden Child Strikes the Drum is a straightforward headbutt, involving one solid hit that gives the target the Roar effect, if the move manages to break a parry.


Calf Fights the Tiger
Set your target area and charge head-first into the ground, dealing one hit of massive area of effect damage. The wave of Qi from your fortified skull will both knock down and pull in nearby enemies.

Luohan Crouching
The special Blocking Move of Iron Head, Luohan Crouching allows you to obtain the Top Concentration effect when successfully parrying an attack. This 5 second buff allows you to absorb a lot of endurance damage!

Bodhi's Brush

The powerful Rage Move of Iron Head, Bodhi's Brush is a deadly barrage of attacks from the head, hitting the opponent with nine powerful strikes.


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