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A spiritual successor to the popular Touch of Colours, this new Twin Spikes set implements light crowd control and heavy damage to devastate your opponents. Also featuring a unique teleportation function, here comes the brand new Taiji-attributed External Skill damage skill set known as...

Heavenly Dance

Tired of Picking Flowers

A vertical slash forward-facing that will add a stack of Tired of Picking Flowers to enemies, slowing them by 20% for 8 seconds. When three stacks have been reached, the enemy will be stunned for 2 seconds.

Chirping Nightingale
Seductively taunt your target into walking towards you while also dealing damage. The taunting effect will only work on other players, but will last for four seconds. If the target is airborne, they will fall to the ground instead.

Swivelling Step
Leap into your enemy's arms before spinning around them and pulling them to the ground. With a total of four hits, Swivelling Step also allows you to utilise lightness to leap to your target.

Inherent Beauty
A grand AoE spin attack that dishes out a total of three hits to nearby enemies. This attack induces a Yellow Super Armour buff to the user, and can knock enemies to the ground.

Soft Voice
A simple forward-facing horizontal slash, Soft Voice is an Empty Move. Upon breaking your opponents' parries, they will receive a Soft Voice debuff, which will cause them to take an additional 50% damage (or 15% for NPCs) for 5 seconds.

Hidden Fragrance Screen
The Blocking Skill of Heavenly Dance; gain the Hidden Fragrance Screen buff after a successful block, it will last for 15 seconds and when stacked 7 times, it is possible that the enemy will be knocked back by 7m.

Veil of Silk

Deals AoE damage at the location the player specifies. This also creates a Dancing Shadow, and stops enemies within 5m from using Lightness Skills. At the same time, the player will receive 2 stacks of Veil of Silk, and when the attack is used again, the player can switch places with the Dancing Shadow. The player can use it once more, until all stacks of Veil of Silk have disappeared. This ability grants Yellow Super Armour to the user.

Entangled Dreams

A powerful ranged Rage Move, Entangled Dreams dishes out a total of 10 hits from up to 15m away.



You can buy Heavenly Dance for 99  in our in-game shop! 
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