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Eight Lotus-breaking Moves

Light and Heavy Move
A single hit that impairs your enemy: If you have the Break condition, consumes it to apply one stack of Light/Heavy to a non-NPC target (reduces their attack by 20% for 6 seconds; max stack: 5).

Big and Small Move
Deal 7 hits of external damage,to your target. At any time during the cast of this skill, you can use Light and Dark Move to grant yourself a stack of Break.


Cold and Hot Move
Rage Move of the Lotus-break skill set. Deals two consecutive hits, with each successful blow applying Cold and Hot Move to your target (paralyzes and disables the use of any skill for 3 seconds). If you have a stack of Break, you can consume it and cast this skill once again within two seconds.

Active and Passive Move

Grants a stack of Active and Passive Move for 6 seconds (while either Feint Follows Up Where Overt Ends or Overt Follows Up Where Feint Ends is active, Strike Acupoint is applied to nearby enemies).


Vertical and Horizontal Move
Adopts the Lotus-breaking defensive stance. Upon successful parry, grants a stack of Vertical/Horizontal (while either Feint Follows Up Where Overt Ends or Overt Follows Up Where Feint Ends is active, consumes a stack to apply Yellow Super Armor for 8 seconds; max stack: 5).

Light and Dark Move
A strong blow seeking to pierce the defence of your target. Upon successfully passing the guard, applies Light/Dark (lowers hit rate by 70% for 6 seconds). You can use Big and Small Move or Open and Empty Move while casting to gain a stack of Break.

Open and Empty Move
Reach your target quickly with this move, and deal 3 consecutive hits of external damage. You can use Light and Dark Move while casting to gain a stack of Break.



You can buy Lotus-breaking Gift Box for 99  in our in-game shop! 
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