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Drain Souls Qiduo
is a Dagger Routine based on applying stacks of debuffs to reduce your enemy’s Life and Internal Power, while also limiting their movement and use of Lightness Skills. Cooldowns are short (2-6 seconds, with 10 for the rage skill) allowing for quick, successive combos to apply debuff stacks and lay waste to your enemies. This skill set focuses on 1v1 PvP and is not recommended for PvE use.

Brief breakdown of debuffs used in Drain Souls Qiduo:

  • “Lethal” Internal Injury [AKA “Life-Taking”] – If the debuffed player attacks, he/she will take damage. Unseen timer ticks down, when the timer hits 0 the debuff pops and the player takes additional damage.
  • Soul Draining Internal Injury [AKA “Soul-Taking” or "Ghost-Taking"] – Causes Internal Power to drain when using Lightness Skills. Unseen timer ticks down, when the timer hits 0 the debuff pops and the player takes additional damage.

Each of these two debuffs can be caused and interacted with differently through various skills in the Drain Souls Qiduo set, for more information, here’s a short breakdown on each skill and a rough breakdown on how they work.


Lethal Yell
Low damage, applies initial Life-Taking debuff, with one stack per recurring hit.



Draining and Alluring Soul
Medium damage, applies Soul-Taking debuff.

Lihuo Soul Draining
No damage, effects based on debuffs. If both are applied, it prioritises Soul-Taking.


  • If Life-Taking is applied, enemy is decelerated and will be unable to use Lightness skills for a short time.
  • If Soul-Taking is applied, enemy will take a burst of additional damage and be confused/stunned for a brief moment.

Whirlwind Claims Lives
High damage, 2 attacks, applies a stack of Life-Taking with each hit landed, but only if the debuff is already present. Player dashes to target if at a distance.

Argue Endlessly
Parry break. For a short time after the parry is broken, the enemy will sustain more damage from Life-Taking effects.


Alluring Souls and Stealing Spirits
Blocking move. When a parry succeeds and if the opponents suffer from...

  • Life-Taking: they take damage.
  • Soul-Taking: they take internal power damage.
  • Both can be applied!

Hell Cycle
Rage skill, 4 attacks, each attack can trigger Life-Taking and/or Soul-Taking.


You can buy Drain Souls Qiduo for 99  in our in-game shop! 
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