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The very first Shop skill set we ever released was the Dagger set - Ensnare the Soul. Now we bring you our first Dagger skill set since then, and the second Shop skill set of Chapter 4: Betrayal & Forgiveness!

Utilise the high-speed capability of your Dagger and run rings around your opponents! Move like the wind, cut like a hurricane, in the brand new Taiji-attributed External Skill damage skill set...

Divine Wind Script

Dancing Phoenix

A mighty forward slash, Dancing Phoenix holds a unique ability that allows you to immediately use the skill again if your attack hits, the second attack will even stun and knock back your target.

Mystical Beast in Flight
A powerful ranged move; if it hits an unparrying target, it will stun for 2 seconds and apply the Mystical Beast (negative) debuff! This reduces the targets movement speed and Lightness skills for several seconds. At the same time, you gain the Mystical Beast (positive) buff, increasing your movement speed, Lightness skills and charging distance for a few seconds.

Startled Sparrow
Divine Wind Script's Empty Move, Startled Sparrow is a circular Area of Effect skill that requires you to target a specific area. If you break your enemies' defences with this skill, they will be knocked to the ground for a few seconds.

Whispering Night Wind
Dash to your opponent, knock them to the sky and bring them back down like a meteor! Using this skill gives the user the Howler buff, which increases the attack range distance of Howling Storm.

Howling Storm
Slice your opponent in the belly, then smack them to the ground! Doing so gives the user the Singing Wind buff, increasing the charging speed for Whispering Night Wind.

The Blocking Move of Divine Wind Script; gain the Defence-Attack Reversal buff, when parrying your opponents' attacks, they may be rendered useless.This does not effect skills used from over 6m away, Empty Moves or those with Super Armour.

Flying Goddess

Slice forward and let the wind cut your foes! Those who don't defend themselves can be knocked back and made unable to use Lightness skills. If the user has the Mystical Beast (positive) buff, enemies can be knocked away up to 3 times.


Divine Dissolution

Spin with a flurry of kicks and blades! Not only will you gain the Yellow Super Armour buff when using this move, but you may also move freely, and any enemy foolish enough to attack you will be stunned.



You can buy Divine Wind Script for 99  in our in-game shop! 
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