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A simple, control-heavy Short Staff skill set has come to the shop! This powerful duelling set displays both ranged and close-combat prowess! Here comes the brand new Taiji-attributed hardness damage skill set known as...

Crossed Soul Chasing Staff

Merciless Smiles

Throw your Short Staff like a javelin and hit targets up to 20 metres away! When hit, the target will gain a stack of the A Smile debuff, reducing their movement speed by 20% for 8 seconds. Once the third stack is achieved, the player will gain the Merciless debuff, and be stunned for 3 seconds.

Autumn Moon

Leap to your airborne target and strike them back down with your Short Staff! This skill can only be used on targets in the air, and will allow you to use Lightness to travel to the target.

Evening Smoke
Control your opponent's every move with this swift 3-hit attack! This skill allows you to use Lightness to travel to the target.

Drink and Sleep

Strike the earth with great power! Blow away all enemies within 10 metres in front of you.

Dreaming Flowers

Gain the Yellow Armour buff and unleash a maelstrom! This powerful AoE attack knocks up all enemies within range.

Insane in the Chaos
The Blocking Move of Crossed Soul Chasing Staff; upon a successful parry, your attacker will gain the Madness debuff, making them consume an additional 20 Lightness Points when using a Lightness Skill.

Flower and Wine

A standard frontal-AoE cone empty move, Flower and Wine applies the Flower Lost debuff when breaking the enemy's parry, causing them to be blown away when attempting to use a Lightness Skill in the next 5 seconds.

Cross Ecstasy

A mighty kata devised by master staff users, Cross Ecstasy whips up the air and dust with 7 hits. You will gain Yellow Armour while using this skill, and enemies hit can be blown away with Madness.


You can buy Crossed Soul Chasing Staff for 99 in our in-game shop!
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