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Discover our latest addition to the shop, the Constellation Sword Skill Set!

Constellation Sword


Greedy Wolf
Two furious blows with your swords, granting you one stack of Bloodthirsty (1% of the external damage done converted into HP, max: 10 stacks).  
If your target is an NPC, you receive more Hatred.

Gigantic Gate
Two quick slashes dealing external damage that aim to break the parry of your target. With a successful parry-break, grants you 7 seconds of Gigantic Gate (all damage done with this skill set increases by 30%).

Earnings Received
A powerful defensive move; adopting this stance will grant you, with a successful parry, 7 seconds of Earnings Received (converts 10% of the damage done into HP, damage done with this skill set increases by 10%).

Writing and Songs
Hit your target relentlessly four times in a spectacular way. If your target successfully parries your attacks in the first 5 seconds, your damage output will increase by 50%.

If the target is an NPC, it will be forced to attack itself.


Adopt the Constellation stance, converts next damage done into HP (max: 7%). The stack can only be refreshed every 20 seconds.

Defence Star
5 spectacular hits that will slash every enemy around you, granting you Yellow Super Armour. If your targets have less than 30% of their HP remaining, they will take even more damage. Every successful hit will grant you a stack of Defence Star 

Smash Army
Unleash your rage with 7 consecutive hits, each successful hit granting a stack of Defence Star (increases External Defence by 100, and Internal Defence by 10 for 14 seconds, max: 49 stacks)


You can buy the Seven-Star Small Gift Box for 99  in our in-game shop! 
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