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Wield the power of the sun in your hands and strike down your foes in a blaze of flame and glory! Introducing the Burning Yang Sabre Technique - ignite the spark and incinerate your opponents!

Burning Yang Sabre Technique allows you to dance around your opponents, cutting them to ribbons. Apply heat stacks to your enemies and activate your rage to watch them burn in a frenzy of mini-explosions! There are few things more captivating or deadly than fire - and now you can wield it in your hands!

Burning Yang Sabre Technique

Open the Door to the Robbers
A deadly horizontal slash that deals External Skill damage, applies a stack of "Yang Sabre Qi" to the user and causes extra damage if the target has either a multiple of 3 or the maximum number of stacks of "Heat" (AKA "Yan" qi).

Plum Blossom and Snow in Summertime

Spin and dance around your opponent in a whirlwind of slashes, causing three hits of External Skill damage. This is a targeted ability, which allows you to dash to your opponent and also causes extra damage if your target has either a multiple of 3 or the maximum number of stacks of "Heat".

Abalone Market

Burning Yang Sabre Technique's Feint Move uses heat and air pressure to deliver area-of-effect damage to opponents in front of you. Additionally, if you successfully break a target's parry, their Qi is disrupted and they will continuously lose HP for the next 7 seconds, with intermittent stuns.


Ocean of Sand
Focus and hold your sabre steady! Burning Yang Sabre Technique's Blocking Move provides a buff whereby if you successfully block a parry from a player 10 times, they will be stunned for the 3 seconds following their final failed attack.


Blazing Sun
Your sabre is an extension of your body, even when it's separated from you. Throw your sabre and have it spin around your opponent, cutting them to ribbons in 3 separate External Skill damage attacks. The blazing blade applies "Heat" to opponents caught in its strikes, which increases the more the opponent struggles and continues to attack. Additionally, Blazing Sun causes extra damage if the target has either a multiple of 3 or the maximum number of stacks of "Heat".


Great Power Overwhelms the Camel
Kick your enemy to the ground and thrust your sabre into his heart. These two attacks, delivering sharp External Skill damage, will convert your "Yang Sabre Qi" into "Heat" and apply it to your target. Additionally, if your target has a "Heat" stack of a multiple of 3 or is maxed, they will have reduced movement speed and their skill level will drop.


Burning Sun
This routine's Rage Move is brutal and explosive. The target is knocked skyward and is swiftly followed by the user's sabre, slashing and igniting "Heat" stacks in 6 precise strikes. Each hit landed will simultaneously apply and ignite one stack of "Heat", and in the final moments of the skill, the remaining "Heat" stacks explode, tearing the opponent to shreds.

Hot Sand and Fragments of Gold
Another swift, devastating spin attack which deals 3 hits of External Skill damage. Opponents caught in the flurry will be knocked down if they're airborne, or knocked back if on the ground. Hot Sand and Fragments of Gold applies both Super-armour and its own unique buff for the duration of the move, preventing all damage, interruptions and crowd control to the user. Additionally, extra damage burns your opponent if they have either a multiple of 3 or the maximum number of "Heat" stacks.

You can buy Burning Yang Sabre Technique for 99  in our in-game shop!
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