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With the launch of Chapter 6: Blood & Flowers, we would like to bring you one of the most requested Shop Skill Sets of recent times!

Blast your opponents from afar, and buff your allies for success and glory in battle! Following the teachings of monks of old, this Taiji-attributed, Hardness damage typed is known as...

Buddha Heart Palm


A single target hit that nullifies the effect of one stack of Vajra Bonus.

Cast on an enemy: stun for 3 seconds and nullifies the effect of one stack of Vajra Bonus.

Cast on a friendly target: nullifies control and Hit recovery effects, and grant yourself Yellow Super Armor (3 seconds).

Void Mark
Creates a Mythical Void Mark: nullify Paralysis and Disable Lightness Skills on allies (40 meter radius); also increase the speed and distance of your next Cloud Piercing Leap by 15, and HP restoration for 5 seconds.

 Incarnations Mark
Creates an Incarnation Mark: removes the cooldown when switching Routines for allies within a 40-metre radius and reduces the amount of Internal Power and Rage required by 50% (last 40 seconds in Forbidden Areas, allies are then afflicted by a 10 minute debuff: Qi and Meridian Swell - Immune to Incaranation Mark)


Thunder Mark

Creates a Thunder Mark, dealing damages to enemies in a specified area. Targets affected are paralysed for 5 second, nullifies the effect of one stack of Vajra Bonus. Allies within 20 metres of you gain 5 Rage Points. Lasts 5 seconds.  


Perishable Bonus
Deals damage to enemies within a 5 metre radius and breaks their defense. If the defense is broken, targets will gain the perishable debuff (6 seconds): Increase the damage received and each succesful hit on the enemy increase the effect (max: 10 stacks).


Stationary Mark
Creates a Stationary Mark: grants immunity to most pulls, knockdowns and throws to teammates within a 20-metre radius for 9 seconds. Applies a stack of Vajra Blessing (increase damage done by Impermanence, Nihility, Thunder Mark by 20%. Stack up to 5 times, last for 30 seconds) to yourself for each successful parry. 



You can buy Buddha Heart Palm for 99  in our in-game shop! 
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