Age of Wulin Game Guide







The Royal Guards were established by Zhu Yuanzhang, taking orders from him directly. However by the reign of Emperor Yongle, they had cultivated more skill, and become stronger and more ambitious, finally breaking away from the imperial court and joining the Jianghu.

Their headquarters, composed of gruesome, prison-like buildings, is located in the west of the capital. The Royal Guards undertake secret missions and have special privileges and abundant funds. Even though they no longer carry the authority of the  imperial court, they are still an immensely  powerful sect. They are cruel and cold-blooded, practising sinister yin style martial arts; all sects in the Jianghu fear them.








Play Style

They have many special skills that can increase attack to inflict great damage. They cultivate dark yin energy, forging steel-like bodies impervious to harm. However, their cooldown period is relatively long, with more usage limitations. They can also quickly alternate between attack and defence modes.

Royal Guards wield the Sabre like no other, delivering heavy blows that knock back and eviscerate their opponents. They are extremely effective at both close and long range, using their unique Claw to pull their enemies closer and tear them to shreds.

The Royal Guards can steal health from enemies, and have a signature move that pulls distant enemies to their location for a follow up beating. They have many control moves, and are ideal as an offensive support role in a group batte with their control and high damage skill sets.


Royal Guard Skill Sets

Sect Rules

Royal Guards are an Evil sect. Each sect has its own rules and regulations, which lead to “Rule Points”. Reaching a certain amount of points will incur sect penalties.

Being dressed incorrectly 10 points
Killing the same sect 40 points

When a player’s “Rule Points” exceed 100, and they enter a sect's scene, they will be teleported directly to the sect; an animated punishment will be broadcast, the player’s HP will be halved, and a strength weakening BUFF will be attached to them for a stipulated time period.

Are you cold-blooded and brutal enough to become Headmaster of the Royal Guards?