Age of Wulin Game Guide


Choose your Martial Arts Sect

Towards the end of the tutorial you will be asked to join a Sect. Schools in Age of Wulin are the equivalent of character classes or roles in other MMORPGs. There are righteous, neutral and evil Sects, each with their own rules.

In Age of Wulin, players can rank up within their Sect by participating in School Meetings, where Elders and even the Leader of a Sect can be challenged for their title. Do you have what it takes to lead an entire Sect? Make your choice!


Tank, Damage

• Playstyle: Close Range Tank
• Weapons: Staff, Fists
• Speciality:  Group Play, Instances
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Tank, Support

• Playstyle: Support
• Weapons: Daggers, Twin Spikes, Fists, Single Sword
• Speciality: Group Play
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Tank, Damage

• Playstyle: DPS, Tank, Support
• Weapons: Single Sword, Twin Swords
• Speciality: Allrounder 
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    Beggars' Sect

• Playstyle: Control, Damage
• Weapons: Short Staff, Fists
• Speciality: Drunken Moves
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Scholar's Academy
Tank, Damage

• Playstyle: DPS, Support
• Weapons: Single Sword, Twin Swords, Legs
• Speciality: Variety
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    Tang Clan

• Playstyle: DPS, Debuffs
• Weapons: Dagger, Hidden Weapons
• Speciality: Ranged attacks
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  Royal Guards
Tank, Damage

• Playstyle: DPS, Tank, CC
• Weapons: Single Sabre, Claw
• Speciality: Ranged chain attacks 
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    Blissful Valley

• Playstyle: DPS
• Weapons: Twin Sabres, Fists, Twin Spikes, Single Sword
• Speciality: DPS ("Glass Cannon")
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