Age of Wulin Game Guide







The founder of the Emei Sect was a Taoist nun who had formerly been a Shaolin disciple. The sect was established on Mount Emei and all of its disciples are female. Emei is named after the beautiful mountain it’s located on; a mountain regarded as one of the most majestic in all of China. It is one the four famous ‘Buddhist mountains’ Emei Sect is an all-female sect, whose disciples are compassionate, brave and just. The sect is celebrated for its martial arts, and with Shaolin and Wudang it is one of the three great sects in the Jianghu.







Play Style

Emei have strong defence capabilities and endurance during combat, however their advanced attack skills are less developed. There may not be as many crowd control skills compared to other sects, but having abilities which heal and reduce incoming damage definitely makes up for that.

Daggers and Twin Spikes are most commonly used by Emei disciples; they are weapons designed for use with one or two hands respectively. They are highly regarded by the women of the sect on account of their light weight and agility.

Having an emphasis in support, Emei are highly desired in any groups to keep party members refreshed and helps them last during long battles by healing them.


Emei Skill Sets

Sect Rules

Emei are a Righteous sect. Only female characters can become Emei. Each sect has its own rules and regulations, which lead to “Rule Points”. Reaching a certain amount of points will incur sect penalties.

Being dressed incorrectly 10 points
Killing Excessively (Evil point > 2000) 20 points
Committing Evil (Kidnap trading) 10 points
Committing Evil (Raiding Escort) 20 points
Committing Evil (Raiding Prison) 30 points
Killing the same sect 40 points

When a player’s “Rule Points” exceed 100, and they enter a sect's scene, they will be teleported directly to the sect; an animated punishment will be broadcast, the player’s HP will be halved, and a strength weakening BUFF will be attached to them for a stipulated time period.

Are you skillful and compassionate enough to become Headmaster of the Emei?