Marketplace Life Skills focus on interaction and money-making in the Jianghu. Players may have both Marketplace Life Skills - but don't forget that only Jianghu VIPs may practice in Divination!


Divination is a Life Skill exclusive to the Jianghu VIP. Divinators harness the powers of the cosmos to see into the future and predict things to come, and other members of the Jianghu may pay for that information. Divinators can, for a cost, provide extensive buffs that enhance the rate that you convert experience into cultivation!

Divinators provide a critically important service to those of the Jianghu interested in levelling their skills as quickly as possible - no guild is truly complete without its own fortune teller!



Beggars of the Jianghu beg and plead both players and NPCs for a show of their kindness. Both can refuse, of course, but there can be benefits in indulging them once in a while! If a player decides to give a Beggar some spare change, he/she will be gifted with a knapsack! The knapsack depends on the skill used by the Beggar, and can potentially include some very undesirable rewards!

Beggars can also beg from wandering NPCs in hopes of obtaining their small change - try it on the wealthiest of the Jianghu! Having the Beggar Life Skill is also a requirement for joining the famous Beggars' Sect!