There are 6 Manufacturing Life Skills in Age of Wulin - Tailor, Cook, Poison Master, Craftsman, Blacksmith and Herbalist. Each of the six fuel the game's player-driven economy in different ways, and any one is desirable for new and old players alike! However, unlike Gathering Life Skills, you may only learn one Manufacturing Life Skill at a time. Pressing "I" while in-game will bring up your Life menu, with information on each of the 6 Manufacturing Life Skills and more!


Tailors are the sole creators of high-end clothing equipment in the Jianghu. The quality of clothing and fabrics created by a high level Tailor is unrivalled, and cannot be obtained any other way. Tailors use materials produced and gathered by Hunters, Farmers, Craftsmen and more to create their clothing, and even have special skills for enhancing them! Below you can see a brief look at the most basic clothing created by the Tailor, and the materials required.

Pure Colour Cloth Normal Hats Record Pure Colour Cloth Dustcoat Record Pure Colour Cloth Pants Record Pure Colour Cloth Shoes Record Pure Colour Cloth Leggings Record Pure Colour Cloth Wrist Guard Record
A String of Beads x9 A String of Beads x5 A String of Beads x10 A String of Beads x6 A String of Beads x6 A String of Beads x9
Coarse Cloth x9 Coarse Cloth x6 Coarse Cloth x6 Coarse Cloth x8 Coarse Cloth x10 Coarse Cloth x8
Rough Goat Fur x10 Craftsmen Metal Clasp x1 Rough Goat Fur x7 Rough Goat Fur x9 Craftsmen Metal Clasp x1 Rough Goat Fur x10

While some equipment may require the same base materials, the amount needed will likely vary. Tailors may learn new techniques to create new clothing by reading scripts scattered throughout the Jianghu, though many will require a high level Tailor to understand!



Cooks produce premium foods and single-handedly feed the masses of the Jianghu. Without cooks, every single Young Xia would go hungry! Cooking produces food which can give buffs and restory Satiety (hunger). The buffs provided by cooking ranges from increased HP or Internal Power to speed buffs and more! Cooks rely on Hunters and Farmers, primarily, for their ingredients. Let's take a look at some basic Cook recipes below.

Flower Bean Curd Roast Pike Blood Tofu Salted Duck Stir-fried Tendons Graduation Feast
Bean Curd x2 Red Pepper x1 Pig Blood x1 Teal Meat x2 Yak Hamstring x6 Hand-Grabbed Mutton x2
Day Lily x1 Pike x2 Bean Curd x1 Ginger x1 Shallot x3 Beggar's Chicken x2
Clean Serum x5 Clear Water x5 Dew x3 Clean Serum x5 Powder x7 Pig's Large Intestines Powder x2

Remember that not all ingredients are obtained through gathering, and some can be simply purchased straight from your local Cook or Farmer NPC!


Poison Master

Poison Masters are the manufacturers of all poisons and double-edged medicines in the Jianghu. They also have a unique gathering ability, which allows them to gather certain poisonous herbs! Poison Masters may also enhance clothing equipment, just like Tailors. Let's take a closer look at some poison recipes below!

Disability-causing Poison Young Ghost Evil Wuzhong Powder Sanfu Poison Powder Blood Throat Evil Quick-kill Poison
Flax Paper x10 Leather Paper x9 Golden Sand and Orchid Dew Drug x2 Blissful Valley Drug x2 Flax Paper x7 Leather Paper x10
Heartbroken Flower x9 Heartbroken Flower x5 Ascension Magic Medicine x2 Snake Poison Powder x2 Heartbroken Flower x5 Heartbroken Flower x9
Rough Goat Fur x6 Wormwood x10 Peacock Gall Poison x2 Three Centipedes and Five Toads Poison Serum x2 Peppermint x6 Green Snake Skin x7

Poisons from a skilled Poison Master can turn the tide in a close battle! Other Life Skills can also rely on items produced by the Poison Master, making them one of the most desired in the Jianghu!



Craftsmen fashion the Jianghu's finest jewellery and create many of the bases for other Manufacturing Life Skills. Craftsmen supply Tailors and Blacksmiths alike with necessary tools to continue in their work. Craftsmen are also responsible for producing most of the inventory expansion items in the Jianghu.

Pure Silver Filamentary Silver Silver and Gold Filament Silver and Fish Ring Large-size Equipment Box Large Material Collection Box Special Material Box
Brass Wire x7 Iron Wire x6 Iron Wire x10 Zinc Ingot x5 Zinc Ingot x5 Zinc Ingot x5
Iron Ingot x5 Copper Ingot x9 Copper Ingot x6 Craftsmen Iron Clasps Prosperous Banyan Wooden Stick Ink Painting Ribbons and Lacing
Ink Painting Ribbons and Lacing x1 Moire Stone x2 Guazhou Green x10 Iron Ingot x1 White Poplar Wood x1 Coarse Cloth x1

Craftsmen lay the foundations for other Manufacturing Life Skills, allowing them to operate at full capacity. Life in the Jianghu would struggle without the Craftsman to supply the essentials!




Blacksmiths are the sole producers of weaponry in the Jianghu. The ability to forge any kind of weapon is in their hands, enhanced by learning new techniques, gathering new materials and, of course, levelling up! Blacksmiths can forge melee (seen below!) and ranged weapons, including darts, throwing daggers and needles!

Military Ministry's Single Sabre
Military Ministry's Single Sword Military Ministry's Twin Spikes Military Ministry's Twin Swords Military Ministry's Long Staff Military Ministry's Short Rod
Dry Firewood x7 Dry Firewood x10 Dry Firewood x7 Dry Firewood x10 Dry Firewood x9 Dry Firewood x8
Prosperous Banyan Wooden Handle x1 Prosperous Banyan Wooden Handle x1 Prosperous Banyan Wooden Handle x1 Prosperous Banyan Wooden Handle x1 Prosperous Banyan Wooden Handle x1 Prosperous Banyan Wooden Handle x1
Craftsmen Metal Clasp x1 Dendrite x1 Rough Goat Fur x5 Dendrite x1 Coarse Cloth x8 Coarse Cloth x8
Iron Ingot x7 Iron Ingot x7 Iron Ingot x6 Iron Ingot x9 Iron Ingot x10 Iron Ingot x8

The Blacksmith relies on other Manufacturers in the Jianghu to effectively do business and forge strong weapons, but are the only ones capable of doing so - making Blacksmithing one of the most sought-after Life Skills!




Herbalists provide the Jianghu with medicines and enhancing pills. They have a unique gathering ability for obtaining medicinal herbs, which can also be needed by other Manufacturing Life Skills! Herbalist medicines vary from simple HP & Internal Power healing pills to amazing concoctions that enhance your EXP to Cultivation conversion!

Waitai Secret Prescription
Wuwei Herb Yang Qi Nourishing Medicine Ziheng Pill Huangbai Pill Qi Accumulation Pill
Refined Porcelain Bottle x6 Refined Porcelain Bottle x7 Refined Porcelain Bottle x8 Compound Di Huang Pill x2 Jackdaw Herb x4 Huangbai Pill x4
Kuqing Flower x9 Kuqing Flower x8 Kuqing Flower x6 Multiple-Refined Xiao Yao Pill x2
Palpitation Relieving and Vital Energy Regulating Pill
Azure Clouds Pill
Ox Bone x9 Fish Scale x9 Chinese Yam x7 Bujing Decoction x2 Qi Accumulation Pill x4 Palpitation Relieving and Vital Energy Regulating Pill x4

Herbalists can be considered an unsung hero of the Jianghu, providing the people with new opportunities to heal, buff and level up faster!