Gathering Life Skills in Age of Wulin are irreplaceable building blocks for the game's player-driven economy. Gathering allows for the generation of most base resources in the game, and those that are not generated by a Gathering Life Skill likely still wouldn't be possible without them! There are 5 Gathering Life Skills, and a player may learn any number of them; they are Miner, Hunter, Farmer, Woodcutter and Fisherman. Each of the 5 have their own unique functions and ways of gathering, and serve different end purposes. Pressing "I" while in-game will bring up your Life menu, with information on each of the 5 Gathering Life Skills and more!


Miners gather ores from mines scattered throughout the Jianghu. As you gain more experience and level your mining abilities up, you learn new, better methods for mining, allowing you to mine more delicate or easily destroyed ores, such as Lead, Silver and Gold. Below you can find information on the 5 types of mines you will find in the game world, and what can be looted from them.

Iron Mine Copper Mine Lead Mine Silver Mine Gold Mine
Iron Mine Copper Mine Lead Mine Silver Mine

Gold Mine



Moire Stone

Orchid Stone

Inflammation Crystal

Ores and gems gained through mining can be used in blacksmithing, craftsmanship and more! Mining is crucial to the economy of the Jianghu, and miners are always valued!



Hunters of the Jianghu provide cooks, tailors, herbalists and poison makers with their valued resources and ingredients. Hunters kill animals in the wild and use their special skill to remove their pelts, meat and even organs! The loot available to the Hunter is too vast to list, but here are a few examples of what Hunters can retrieve from the bodies of their kills.

Pheasant Blue and White Snake Evil Tiger Wandering Dog
Mongolian Cattle

Pheasant Meat

Green Snake Skin

Flower Tiger Skin


Mongolian Beef

Hunters can gather more than one item from their kills, but many require a higher level Hunter to be looted! Level up your hunting prowess by hunting animals in the wild.




Farming is a humble occupation, even in the Jianghu. Farmers provide many core ingredients for cooks and tailors through growing crops and breeding silkworms. Let's take a few examples of some crops and silkworms for reference.

Red Pepper
Asparagus    Tea Olive Ant Silk
   Sand Silk

Red Pepper Seeds

Asparagus Seeds

Tea Olive Seeds

Newborn Silkworm Eggs

Lob Worm Eggs

Red Pepper


Sweet-Scented Osmantus

Ant Silk

Sand Silk

Farming can be a long process, but the sheer volume that can be produced makes it worthwhile. Farmers can typically manage four or more silkworm stands at once, and over a dozen crops!




Woodcutters are the underdogs of the gatherers - less of a keystone than Farmers or Miners, Woodcutters' produce is important, but less sought after. This may, however, make becoming a Woodcutter that bit more lucrative in the end, as wood resources are required by Craftsmen and Blacksmiths, and is also a critical component required to enhance guild buildings! There are only 5 types of wood currently available to the Woodcutter, you can see them below.

White Poplar
Cypress Pine Sweet Olive
Silver Fir

White Poplar Wood



Sweet Olive Wood

Silver Fir Wood

Each of the five trees that provide the wood shown above are scattered throughout the Jianghu, with one type typically appearing per area.



Fishing is a staple of modern MMORPGs, and Age of Wulin brings new integration for this age-old pastime. Fishing in Age of Wulin can land you with dozens of different fish, required for cooking, herbalism and poison making. Fishing has a unique mini-game, and you can find a plethora of fish along the rivers of the Jianghu, let's take a look at a few that you can find, and what they can give.

A Shoal of Trout
A Shoal of Arc Fish
A Shoal of Crabs
A Shoal of Bream Carp
A Shoal of Stone Loach


Arc Fish


Bream Carp

Stone Loach


Ray-Finned Carp


Cold-water Fish

River Loach

Fishing comes with a unique mini-game, unseen anywhere else in Age of Wulin, and with one guaranteed & one potential rare drop, there's always room for something new and exciting!