Life Skills aren't strictly limited to the creation and enhancement of products; just as in real life, the people of the Jianghu can also make a living off of a Culture or Marketplace Life Skills! Culture Life Skills promote the beauty of Chinese culture that has stood strong for thousands of years. In Age of Wulin, players can study Music, Chess, Scholarly calligraphy and Painting! Each have their own critical benefits to life in the Jianghu, and each present their own unique mini-games. A Culture Life Skill is also a necessary requirement for joining the renowned Scholar's Academy, and you can only have one, so choose wisely!


Musicians play the zither to encourage their allies and strike their foes with feelings of uncertainty and woe! Playing different music pieces on the battlefield can provide your teammates with buffs varying from bonus movement speed to bonus Internal Power! Other pieces of music may provide significant debuffs to your enemies, such as drastically increased Internal/External Skill Defence or even gradually drain their Internal Power.

The benefits provided by Musicians in large-scale PvP scenarios, such as Guild Wars, can truly turn the tide of any battle - don't go to war without one!


Chess Player

The variation of Chess played in Age of Wulin, otherwise known as "Weiqi" or "Go", is an ancient game, estimated to be more than 4,000 years old! In the world of the Jianghu, Chess provides tactical advantages on the battlefield - Chess Players can provide a rich variety of additional effects to Array buffs. Like Musicians, Chess Players can buff their allies to provide a critical edge in battle, or debuff their enemies to bring about their crippling defeat!

No large-scale battle is really prepared for without a Chess Player on board - be it in Instances or PvP scenarios, don't miss out on the benefits of the Weiqi Master!



Scholars of the Jianghu are masters of calligraphy and are experts of Martial Arts Scripts. Scholars have the ability to produce scripts that for practitioners of other Life Skills to read and learn from - gaining a set amount of experience each time! Scholars can also use their Annotate ability on Enlightenment Scripts, increasing their benefits!

Beautiful Lady Yu Snowy River Song of Old General
Chengxin Hall Paper x1 Fuyang Rice Paper x1 Yuban Rice Paper x1 Scripture Paper x1
Youyan Ink x2 Songyan Ink x2 Yangui Ink x2 Qiyan Ink x2

Apart from the great benefit of Scholars themselves, the Scholar Life Master also provides a grand service to the Jianghu - Martial arts Secret Script Service. At your local Scholar NPC, you can assemble fragments of Martial Arts Scripts, bind pages and more!



Painters share the workload of the Scholar by also providing great works of art to inspire the people of the Jianghu to become better at their chosen profession. The subtle difference between the benefits of a Painter and those of the Scholar is in the types of skill books they work with - while Scholars focus on Internal Skill scripts, Painters prefer working on Combat Skill scripts to the same effect. Painters can use their Lot Plot skill to Annotate Enlightenment Charts.

The Painting of Summer Mountains

The Painting of
Emperor Wu

Twenty-Eight Constellations (II)
The Painting of White Egret
Nine-Colours Sunray Paint x1

Five-Colours Glaze
Paint x1

Six-Colours Natural Paint x1 Tri-Colours Cloud
Paint x1
Fuyang Rice Paper x2 Pixuan Rice Paper x2 Jiajiang Rice Paper x2 Gold-duster Paper x2

Holding another similarity with the Scholar Life Skill, the Painter Life Master provides critical services for life in the Jianghu, in the assembly, disassembly and Annotation work related to Combat Skill scripts.