Age of Wulin Game Guide


Jianghu is inconsistent and hard to predict, as all the sects contend with one another. The younger generation of sect members is intelligent and full of talent, and to them Wulin is full of a flourishing potential. At times Jianghu might seem peaceful, but it is full of turbulence. The conflicts between the North and the South become increasingly intense, and the fractions among different sects are endless. The eight treasures of the sects seem to link with the legendary Secret Sect in countless ways. The sect war will be triggered instantly!

Besides the many available PvP options available, you can join up with your fellow sect members, and do battle against other sects for total dominance!

Join a Sect War
Sect Wars takes place every Friday and Saturday at 21:30 (server time)

1. When a sect war enrollment begins, go to Suzhou, Jinling, Chengdu, Luoyang or Yanjing and find the Sect War Adminstrator to enroll, or (refer to #2)
2. Open your Jianghu interface (N), click the Sect tab, click Sect War, and enroll for the sect war through Today's Battle.


Sect War Mechanics
It varies from each sect war, although different sects each week will be assigned as the attacking and defending team. Sects advance through the war in a form of capture-the-flag type of combat. Attacking and defending bases allows groups to gain advantages over the battle to help them achieve victory.

1. Sect war lasts for one hour.
2. The attacking side wins after killing the defending side's sect leader.
3. The defending side wins after successfully defending the attack or killing the attacking side's sect leader.

Depending on your individual performance during the sect war, you can will obtain rewards, such as experience pills, qi-gathering pills, and sect honour certificates. You also have a chance to obtain other treasures.