Age of Wulin Game Guide


Script Stealing is a fight between wisdom and force; this is a match between attack and defense. Be a chivalrous robber or an evil thief; to ravish or to obtain in a just way. Disputes among Wulin sects never end. Secret scripts have appeared in the Jianghu and they are coveted by all sects. Sects select their elite disciples to steal them!

Between 19:00 - 19:30 (server time) every day except Sunday, you can engage in one of the following sect-specific events - Script Stealing or Script Protection.

Script Stealing
Age of Wulin is all about perfecting your martial arts and part of the process consists of mastering all possible skills. It's fine to stick to one's sect skills, although those who go above and beyond to learn skills from other sects will have that extra edge on the battlefield. With Script Stealing, you can invade other sects and steal scripts from any of the 4 bookshelves (while supplies last).

Between 19:00 - 19:30, open your Jianghu interface (N), select the Sect tab, click Sect Book Seizing, and click Join. A pop-up window will appear and you can choose one of the two possible sects to steal scripts from, and these target sects will change every day.

Upon confirmation, you will be instantly teleported to that sect. The first thing you want to do is access the same interface (shown above), but instead of clicking Join, you'll click Details instead. Doing so will bring up a mini map of the four bookshelves, where the scripts are located.

The objective is simple: seek out any of the bookshelves, click on the bookshelf to steal a script, run out of the current scene, and teleport back to your sect's Library Guardian to gain the random script/s that you stole.

There's a bit more steps involved, so let's go into it in more detail.

At each bookshelf there will be players of that sect who will defend their precious scripts, and try to kill you (Script Protection). If you manage to steal a script from a bookshelf, you must move out of the scene as soon as you can, because enemy players will surely chase after you! Use any method to get outside of the scene, whether it's by foot, horse, or stagecoach. However, you cannot teleport out of the scene while you have the stolen script attached to your character's back. As soon as you leave the current scene, you can then safely teleport back to your sect, and exchange the script with the Library Guardian (shown below) for rewards - Sect Honour Certificates, experience, and script/s.

Besides stealing scripts from one of the four bookshelves, keep an eye out for NPCs called Book Delivery Disciples. You can right-click their character portrait, select Steal, and you will steal a script the same way you would have done from a bookshelf.

A third and more evil method to acquire scripts is to kill another player after they have stolen a script, which will cause them to drop the script for your looting pleasure.

During the 30 minutes of the Script Stealing event, you can steal up to 5 scripts. If you happen to die anytime during the event, you can just respawn and try your thieving attempts again.


Script Protection
On the flip side of Script Stealing, you can defend your sects' bookshelves if your sect is the target of that day's Script Stealing.

Between 19:00 - 19:30, open your Jianghu interface (N), select the Sect tab, click Sect Script-protection, and click Join.

You'll immediately notice a flashing green symbol above your character's head. This will show other players that you are on Script Protection.

Your objective is to find players who have stolen scripts from your sect's bookshelf, and kill them. In the event that there are multiple protectors that are attack a script stealer, the last person that lands the killing blow will be able to loot the target's corpse and acquire the script. You must then return to the Library Guardian in that sect scene, and redeem the script for rewards - Sect Honour Certificates, experience, and script/s.