Age of Wulin Game Guide



In Age of Wulin, if you are without money you could be compelled to kidnap an offline character and sell them into slavery. Although kidnapping people can be profitable it can also be a perilous endeavour! Not only could you be violating the regulations set out by the sects, you also risk being chased and taken down by the sword of a righteous player loyal to the code of Xia.

You can only kidnap offline characters, and you will need to purchase the correct type of overpowering drug from a Grocery merchant NPC. Overpowering drugs are available in a number of different strengths. The stronger the quality of the overpowering drug, the more it will cost, although the chance of successfully dazing your target will also be higher. In other words, you get what you pay for! Offline characters can be identified by their character name in white text, and their job listed above that in light blue text.

Once you have found a suitable target you can use the overpowering drug located in your backpack to subdue them. When using the overpowering drug there is a chance that the character you selected notices your attempt to subdue them, and attacks you in some vital acupuncture points paralysing you for 60 seconds and leaving you vulnerable to attack!

Once you have subdued the character, your character will automatically tie the character up in a sack. You must then click on the sack, and quietly carry them to a place where they can be sold. When you’re carrying the sack you can be attacked by anyone who notices your dastardly deeds, so it’s important you remain vigilant en-route.

If you decide it’s too dangerous and want to abandon the hostage, just click the dual sword symbol on the right side of your interface.

To sell your hostage you just need to find a Merchant NPC in a town or city. The Jianghu interface will show you a full list of NPCs where you can sell your hostage. Open the Jianghu interface (N), click the "Jianghu" tab, click "Evil Kidnap", click "Exchange Point", select the city you are currently in, and click one of the many highlighted NPC names. Your character will automove to that NPC, where you can sell the hostage. Remember that you cannot sell a hostage if they are related to the Merchant NPC. For example, if you took an offline character as a hostage and they were previously performing food service duties, you cannot sell that character to a Tavern Waiter NPC.

Each day at a certain time in each main town and city there will also be Black-hearted Human Traffickers that buy hostages. Their purchase price is much higher than that of ordinary traders. 

Successfully turning in a kidnapped hostage will grant you various amounts of Silver, so this is a great way to gain tradeable currency. Before you start kidnapping your character's Sitting and Forgetting internal skill must be at least level 11, or have any sect internal skill cultivated to level 5. Lastly, please know there is a one hour cooldown each time you perform a kidnap, so you won't get too carried away with your inner evil ways!

Watch out for your Sect Status Points!

For sects that are not aligned with an evil sect you will acquire 10 points to your sect status each time they kidnap another player. You'll experience performance-impairing debuffs for your character if you reach 100 points, so make sure you repent at your sect when you accumulate a lot of sect status points.