Age of Wulin Game Guide


Open World PvP

Age of Wulin has a large focus on PvP throughout most of the game's features. PvP is even accommodated for in Forbidden Areas, where players can play the role of assassins who come to stop you from completing your mission. But PvP can happen virtually anywhere throughout the game world, and at any time. This creates a dynamic, exciting and often tense world full of combat.

In the open world, players opt into one of two Attack Modes at a time - Peace or Jianghu. They can also specify certain subgroups that they don't want to fall victim to their attacks, making sure that fellow School or guild members don't accidentally get caught in the crossfire. The menu for changing these settings can be found to the left of your character icon, on the top-left corner of your screen.

Peace Mode - Players with Peace Mode active cannot PK (player kill) another player unprovoked. You can, however, still fight players who are in a duel with you, who are in Jianghu mode and attack you first, or are transporting a kidnap victim. None of these actions will incur a penalty.

Jianghu Mode - Players with Jianghu Mode active are free to PK any surrounding player, with only two minor limitations (listed below). Attacking and killing other players while in Jianghu mode will cause your Kill value to rise, and if you break your School's rules, you may also incur a penalty (unless you go to your School and repent).

Those affected by a player in Jianghu Mode's attacks can be altered under the Attack Protection list in the Switch Attack Mode menu. By ticking a circle, players can choose to not allow fellow guild, School or group members, friends and/or good citizens (players with a righteous alignment) to not be damaged by their attacks.


New Player Protection & Safe Zones

New player protection is important in any open-world PvP game, and Age of Wulin is no exception. As a player progresses through the beginning of the game, they are given a protection against PKing and cannot be dueled with. Once a player's Strength reaches Novice or above, this protection is removed and they can join the open world PvP.

Safe Zones are also a staple of any open world PvP game, but this is where Age of Wulin is the exception. There are very few, limited locations in the Jianghu where players are not able to be attacked. Herbal Halls are the only places in the game world where PKing is forbidden - meaning towns, cities, and everywhere in between is a violent world of unforgiving PvP.




Punishment for PKing

Openly PKing players in Jianghu mode does have its downsides, however. Killing players in the open world increases your Kill value (seen on the right-side tab on your Character Attributes menu), and it also gives your victims a chance to place a bounty on your head! Players with a bounty can be hunted by other players, and server-wide notifications will tell the whole Jianghu of your crimes and the value of your bounty.

If your kill value rises high enough, Captor NPCs will hunt you to bring you to jail. Being killed by other players when your Kill value is high enough or being killed while there is a bounty on your head also sends you to jail. Those jailed will be given a sentence to serve, based on the severity of their crimes. In severe cases, players will even be sent to the execution block!


Moral Alignment

There are three moral paths to take in Age of Wulin: you can be Chivalrous, Wicked or Arrogant. Your actions in the Jianghu determine your moral alignment, wherein righteous acts like saving players from kidnappers will give you points towards being Chivalrous, kidnapping and killing other players will give you points towards being Wicked, and simply associating yourself with players of varying moral standpoints will give you points of Arrogance.

A player's moral alignment is displayed by an icon next to their name () , showing the "newbie" shield, a star or skulls of various colours to represent their moral standpoint and past actions.