Age of Wulin Game Guide


Many activities in Age of Wulin encourage teamwork, and one type of activity that does just that is Guild Escorting and Escort Robbing.

Guild Escorting:
Maintaining and helping a guild grow has its costs, so actively doing guild escorts is a great way to contribute to your guild's success! The concept of Guild Escorts is simple - protect your escort along a set path from enemy players that want to destroy you and your chariot.

Guild escorts can be done 150 times a day. You can check how many escorts have been completed by opening your Guild interface (H) and clicking Guild Activity. Please keep in mind, you must be in a guild to do these escort missions.

Guild escorts are initiated by talking to the Escort NPCs located in any of the major cities. To help you navigate to the Escort NPCs, open your Jianghu interface (N), click the Guild tab, click Event Escorting, click the city that you currently are in (assuming you are in that city), and click the highlighted NPC's name to automove there.

Make sure you are in a party in order to start an escort. Even if you do the escort on your own, you can form a party by yourself by opening the Grouping interface (O), and clicking Create Teams.

There are several escort routes you can choose from. Each route has different traveling distances, initiating costs, and rewards. Also, you also have the option of which kind of escort chariot you want. Some chariots have low durability but fast speed and vice versa, so choose the chariot that you prefer.

After starting the escort, your chariot will appear next to your character, along with a pop-up window that lets instructs the chariot to move while you run alongside the chariot (On journey), or you can conveniently ride on the chariot as it moves (Driving). To activate the pop-up window at any time to stop or go, click on your chariot. There must always be at least one player near the chariot to control it. If the player is far away from the chariot, the chariot will stop at its current location until you get close enough and have it continue it's journey.


You can check the destination point by opening your map (M). The chariot symbol is your current location, and the blue flag represents the final destination.

There are a couple ways for your escort mission to fail. Each time an escort chariot gets damaged by enemy players, a certain quantity of goods will be lost, and a loss of all the goods means you will fail the escort. The second way for an escort mission to fail is by not finishing the quest in the allowed time limit.

The amount of rewards you receive correspond to the quantity of Remaining goods after escort completion. Upon immediate completion, you will earn guild contribution and a varying number of Receipt Certificates. Return back to the Escort NPC that gave you the quest, and you can redeem the Receipt Certificates for experience points.

Escort Robbing:
On the flip side of Guild Escorts, we have Escort Robbing. You will take the place of bandits whos objective is to attack other players who are on their Guild Escort missions.

You will sometimes see a pop-up Escort Robbing Request on your interface. Click Accept and you may be added to a small team of bandits (other players), where you will be instantly teleported close to the escort's travel path. You will  choose a location along the escort chariot's path and wait for the escort party to pass, and ambush them!

Click on the escort chariot to rob its goods. With the Valuable Goods you receive, visit a Black Market Merchant, and redeem them for experience points.