Age of Wulin Game Guide


There are many distinctive factions in the world of Age of Wulin. In order to increase status and reputation in the Jianghu or receive treasures and martial arts scripts, you can challenge these factions by yourself or by inviting other players with common goals.

See the available list of Faction Challenges by opening the Jianghu interface (N), clicking Faction, and selecting one of the Faction Challenges. You'll notice that clicking on a Faction Challenge will open up a pop-up window on the right side with the following information:

Brief Introduction of Factions: Lore of that Faction Challenge. There is also the reputation requirement listed; if you are at a sufficient reputation level, the text will be in green. If you are at an insufficient reputation level, the text will be in red, which means you won't be able to take part in that Faction Challenge yet.

This is also an important tab, because you can see how to get to the Faction Challenge. The scene and its coordinates are listed below the reputation requirement. You can click on the green link, which will have your character automove to the Faction Challenge location.

Revenge and Gratitude: List of friendly and opposing factions of that particular Faction Challenge
Martial Arts Collections: Top rewards you may receive from defeating bosses of the Faction Challenge
Faction History: Background information of the faction


The Faction Challenge NPC can be identified on your map by enabling Faction Challenge of the Jianghu Struggles NPC markers.

In order to join a Faction Challenge, you must create a party by yourself or up to six players. It is highly recommended to form a full party for Faction Challenges of matching or higher difficulty than your character's capability. Once the party has been formed, the party leader must talk to the Faction Challenge NPC who is located outside of the Faction Challenge entrance, and click Send Challenge

After clicking Send Challenge, a pop-up window will appear that lists the possible main opponents you will encounter in the Faction Challenge. Click Select Opponent and the system will randomly choose one of the opponents as the main boss you will fight.

Once the Faction Challenge has started, your quest objectives will be displayed, and you have a limited amount of time to complete the objectives. If the objectives are not completed within the time limit, the Faction Challenge attempt will fail. Each Faction Challenge can be attempted six times per day.

After completing each objective, including defeating the final boss, a pop-up window will appear with your performance results. The quality of your performance can influence the amount of rewords you receive.

Open the treasure chests and enjoy the loot!