Age of Wulin Game Guide


War Declaration and Preparation for the Guild War

The leader of a Level 2 guild or above is required. To join the war declaration bidding the guild with territory needs a territory on which it will declare war. The guild without territory can directly join the war declaration bidding.

You can check whether the territory is in a protection period in the Guild interface - Guild Territory subpage

Check the territory protection time. If the territory is not in the protection period, the territory protection time should be 0 hours. Otherwise, a countdown for protection will be displayed. The guild leader can click the Cancel Protection button at the bottom left-side to cancel the territory protection.

The territory enters a protection period of 3 days after joining the guild's war. Within the protection period, the territory is under the protected state, and a war cannot be declared on it.

The war declaration bidding will begin at 21:45 (server time) every day. The guild leader of each guild needs to go to the War Declaration Administrator NPC at each major city (Chengdu, Luoyang, Suzhou and Jinling) before 21:45 and select the Declare for Bidding option to open the War Declaration Bidding interface.

After the war declaration bidding begins, click the Declare for Bidding button in the interface to bid for the first round. If the Declare for Bidding button is greyed out, refresh the page by clicking the Refresh button at the lower right corner.

There are three rounds of War Declaration Bidding and each round lasts for five minutes. The player can bid by using peresonal funds or guilds funds. The bidding amount in the interface is the total number of peresonal funds and guild funds in this round. The total amount is the total number of three rounds.

If you didn't bid in the first round, you are not allowed to join the subsequent guild bidding and declare a war.

During the three rounds of bidding, you can click the View Outcome button to check a general ranking of your guild among all guilds that have joined the bidding. The general ranking will be displayed as top Three, Top Ten, and Outside the Top Ten.

You will enter the war declaration stage after three rounds of bidding. You can click the View Outcome button to check the specific ranking of each guild joining the bidding and the total bidding amount of each guild.

During the war declaration stage, each guild can select a target for war declaration according to the rankings of total bidding amounts from to to bottom. The time limit for each guild to declare a war is 2 minutes.

During the war declaration stage, each guilds needs to select the territory that is under the "declare war" state within the two-minute limit of the war declaration stage. The player can complete the war declaration on the selected territory by clicking the Declare for Bidding button. Notice that a guild with territories needs to select a battle territory on which to declare a war. During the guild war, the territory selected by your party and the territory selected by the opposite party enter the guild war state at the same time. The enemy will also attack your battle territory.

During the two-minute limit of the war declaration stage, the player will be regarded as having given up the war declaration right automatically if the player doesn't declare war when the territory is in the "declare war" state on the War Declaration interface. 50% of the bidding funds will then be returned once the bidding has ended. The personal funds will be returned by mail and the transaction tax will be deducted when withdrawn. The guild funds will be returned directly to the guild fund pool.

During the war declaration stage, 100% of the bidding funds will be returned if war has been declared on the player's territory or the target cannot be selected to declare war on due to having no territory under the "declare war" state. The ways to return the funds are as same as the ways mentioned above.

After the war declaration stage ends, click the View Outcome button to check the war declaration result.

After the war has been successfully declared, the battle will begin at 19:40 the next day and end at 21:00 (server time). All members of both parties will receive the guild war notice: time for the guild war and name of the enemy guild.

19:30 - 19:40 is the preparation period for the guild war. The Guild War Countdown will be displayed on the upper right side for all members of both parties and it can be minimised by clicking. During the preparation period, members of other guilds are not allowed to enter the guild territory.

Members of both parties can go to the battlefield by themselves or use the item Cloud Piercing Arrow to gather together. The Cloud Piercing Arrow can be bought from the War Declaration Administrator. Only the team leader can use it for one time per day. Meanwhile, it can be used only during the preparation period.

After the team leader uses the Cloud Piercing Arrow, a selection box will pop up on the interfaces of other members on the team. Team members can accept or refuse this summoning. If they accept, they will be transported to the guild war rally point; if they refuse, they will remain still.

Team leaders cannot get to the rally point by using the summoning order. They must go there by themselves.

Start Phase of the Guild War

When the guild war starts, a dialogue will pop up for the defending guild leader to set the Throne and Mechanism at the Underground Palace. If they have not been set within the allotted time, the system will randomly set the throne to a place.

During the guild war, members of both sides in the guild war area will see opponents' names in red. Members of both sides must open Jianghu Attack Mode to attack each other. Good or evil will not be counted if the members kill enemy players in the guild war area during the guild war time.

The guild war map will be displayed if players open the map in the guild war area during the guild war time. Players can see the positions of bonfire, water tank, and servant girl, as well as burning states of guild buildings.

Buildings which have not yet been burned have a green outer border; buildings which are burning have a flickering red outer border; buildings which have been burned down are in red.

Attackers can gather torches at the torches stack. They can burn the defenders' functional building by right clicking the torches. the attackers will obtain honour value if the building has been completely burned down. Each torch can only be used once.

Defenders can gather buckets at the water tank. They can rush to repair the burning buildings or the burned down ones. Successfully putting out the fire and retrieving a building can earn them honour value. The use of a bucket is unlimited.

After the guild war begins, defending side will have servant girls refreshed randomly. When the defender building is completely burned down, each building will have two servant girls refreshed. You can see the positions of the servant girls by clicking the map.

Attacking side can attack the defending side's servant girls. If the life of a servant girl reaches 0, attack player can shoulder her up from the ground, and there will be a bandit mark over his head. The player who kidnapped the servant girl can then go to the gate of the guild and click carriage to deliver and kidnap the servant girl successfully. Players can obtain honour value by successfully kidnapping a servant girl.

Defending side can kill players who kidnapped servant girls and gather knapsacks which are dropped on the ground. They can successfully save a servant girl after gathering knapsacks successfully. Players can obtain honour value by successfully saving a servant girl.

Defending side can place mechanisms and hire NPCs to assist defence.

Attacking side must do the following to win the guild war:

  1. Destroy the 3 stone lion mechanisms] in the defending territory. The [flag] will be taken out from the underground guild war area only after all the 3 stone lion mechanisms are destroyed.
  2. Seize the portal. The defenders will have 4 portals after the guild war starts. They can transport people to underground areas. They are located in area Guild Hall; area 2 Gathering Hall and Pavilion; and area 3 Treasure Gathering Room. Attacking side can capture all these portals except the one in the Summerhouse. They can obtain the right to use the portals by burning the buildings where the gates are. If the buildings are retrieved by the defending side, the attacking side will give the right to use the portals back to the defending side. If the attacking side has only captured the Area 1 Guild Hall portal, then they need to burn at least the 4 stone gates in the underground area and open one of the corresponding buildings: Meeting Hall corresponds to the underground North GateGold Warehouse corresponds to the West GatePractice Hall corresponds to the South Gate and Mechanism House corresponds to the East Gate
  3. The throne. The attacking side needs to go down to the Underground Palace area and find and occupy the defending side's throne.

The defending side needs to do their best to stop the attacking side and protect their guild throne in order to win the guild war.

End Phase of the Guild War

At the end of the guild war, both sides of the war will be bounced away from the guild war area, and the guild war statistics will pop up.

Distribution of guild honour:

  • Killing a person will be awarded 5 points of honour value
  • Burning a building will be awarded for 20 points of honour value
  • Kidnapping a servant girl will be awarded for 10 points of honour value
  • Destroying a mechanism will be awarded 20 points of honour value
  • Pulling out a flag will be awarded for 100 points of honour value
  • Retrieving a building will be awarded for 20 points of honour value
  • Saving a servant girl will be awarded for 10 points of honour value.

After the current guild war, honour value will be converted into Guild Tribute and be accumulated in players' guild tributes.