Chapter 7: Awakening

Chapter 7: Awakening



Dear Age of Wulin Community,

It's that time of the year when we say "Finally" and dance around with excitement as the promise of new adventures comes within our grasp!

We are proud to bring you the next expansion of our adventures in the Jianghu! In this update, you will be able to explore 8 new territories never seen before discovering untold mysteries, find new resources, choose your own storyline, fight for survival against Nature and settle down in your own house to enjoy some peace and why not, some buffs. Without further ado, we would like to introduce 



Age of Wulin Chapter 8:

Uncharted World

Explore a New World and live the adventure!  Four new regions will expand the variety and beauty of Age of Wulin as it brings in sun-scorched deserts, stunning and vast grasslands, breathtaking snowy peaks and mysterious forests of stoneEach of the new regions will come with its own, charming and unique storyline quests which will continue enabling you to emerge with Age of Wulin’s deep and exciting lore.  



The Uncharted World will offer you new resources, new secret areas and new fighting techniques such as the Traps and Flags system. Nature itself cannot be trusted anymore: changes in weather and packs of wolves should now be on your watch-out list as well as your enemies. Prevailing in fight for survival will reward only the fittest in the Uncharted World as the victorious player is now able to loot all riches from his defeated opponent!



Challenge yourself and discover 6 new secret areas which are lore-based exploration dungeons! Each of your decisions in these dungeons will matter and ultimately affect your character's and the world’s lore. Your decision matters; choose wisely and discover one of many truths!

Ten brand new and devastating new skill sets will help you in your mission to become the greatest Kung Fu legend of them all! Also, add some unique scenery records and a brand new weapon type (Dual Axes) to the inventory of your character! The Jianghu will never be the same again!

Uncharted World also brings a place for a young Xia to rest his weary head: claim your part of the Jianghu and be the king of your own castle! More than 100 different pieces of furniture allow you and your friends to get powerful buffs and prepare you for your new adventures. Using the new range of interaction within the Housing System, you can protect your friends’ houses or vandalize your enemies’ houses. The call is yours!


Remember: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. The fight for survival begins now!